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Best Of Pixelmattic Insights Blog From 2015

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best of 2015 pixelmattic insights blog

Happy new year folks!

We started Pixelmattic a year ago and it’s been a great journey so far. We made a decision at the beginning of this journey to invest our time and resources into creating content. Content that would answer your questions on WordPress and help you make the right decisions while building a website for your business. That resulted in the creation of the Pixelmattic Insights blog.

We didn’t want to write content that only talked about what we were doing, instead focus on YOU.

A lot of businesses and entrepreneurs struggle with something as deceivingly simple as a website. But we know, from our experience, that lack of planning plagues most website projects. And that causes mayhem with budgets and timeline. We decided to answer the most frequently asked questions of clients through our blog.

If you’ve missed reading some, here’s our best posts from last year.

The most popular posts from our Pixelmattic Insights blog:

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