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Complete Guide To Website Planning

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We’re excited to launch our first ever ebook today. The ‘Complete Guide To Website Planning’ is a easy to use handbook for businesses and individuals planning to build a website.

The difference between an average and a great website is thoughtful planning. Building a website can be deceptively simple, but fraught with pitfalls that can lead to endless delays and cost overruns. In our experience, most of this happens because of poor website planning.

The 10 chapters in this website planning handbook cover the following topics:
  • Setting website objectives
  • Identifying a target audience
  • Organizing information on the site
  • Creating content specifically for the web
  • Making the right design choices
  • Choosing the right technology platform
  • Shortlisting vendors and opting for the appropriate engagement model
  • Using the right tools to manage projects and communicate effectively
  • Having a launch plan for your website to get lots of eyeballs
  • Maintenance plan that takes care of your website

Here’s your ebook, The Complete Guide To Website Planning:

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