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Website Performance is expensive. Only if you ignore it.

Adding the final star to your customer experience means doing unsexy work behind the scenes. We’ll show you how to dive deeper into technical and performance-based aspects of your website.

46% of users might never return to your website if it performs poorly. Can you risk losing that kind of traffic to metrics you can control?

No, right? Let’s dive in to optimize your digital doorstep.
Here’s what you’ll learn
  • The real meaning for performance and the tools to derive the best of it.
  • Optimizing your WordPress website for maximum efficiency
  • Removing silent killers that affect your core web vitals

Meet Your Mentors

Sandeep Kelvadi,
CMO of Pixelmattic

Responsible for growth and marketing strategies at Pixelmattic helping clients articulate their brand value proposition with clarity and brevity. Sandeep has a decade of marketing and technology experience building products and lead generating websites that convert.

Karan Sachdev,
CTO of Pixelmattic

Pixelmattic’s chief tech officer is in charge of delivering fast and marketing-friendly WordPress solutions to clients. With more than 20 years of experience in building websites, Karan takes a special interest in ensuring websites not only look good but load blazingly fast.

Noella Thomas,
Chief Content Strategist at Pixelmattic

Content creator, copywriter and strategist at Pixelmattic, Noella helps clients build marketing strategies that are based on customer research and brand strengths. Her diverse marketing experience with B2C brands and B2B companies helps clients create impactful marketing campaigns.

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