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Turn visitors into customers without increasing marketing spend with expert   CRO
agency solutions

CRO is the process of getting more visitors to take a desired action on your website.

How can CRO help your business?

Reduce Friction

Increase conversions by addressing objections upfront.

Enhance Desire

Show people EXACTLY what they want to see on a page.

Successful campaigns

Promotes clarity & continuity in messaging.

Better UX

Enhances customer retention & word of mouth.

Testing & analysis

Improves marketing effciency with consistent testing & analysis.

Did you know?

57% of B2B marketers say conversion rate is the most useful metric for analyzing landing page performance.

Hear it from our clients

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Here’s how we can help you

We are a full stack CRO agency helping you convert better with our 9 key service types.

CRO Audit

We study your website and the channels that drive traffic to it in an effort to find out potential areas for improvement in conversions.

Funnel Analysis

We’ll take a deep dive into your funnel & buyer’s journey to measure, visualize & understand key friction points that tank conversions.

Conversion Analysis

We’ll study the actions of your website visitors to see where on your site are they most active & where do they drop off.

User Analysis

We’ll track patterns on how a visitor behaves on your website, make hypothesis, test them, analyze results to implement the best of our findings.

LP design and Development

We design, develop & write copy for your landing pages keeping high-converting principles in mind that enhances brand recall & reduces CAC with education.


We’ll analyse your customer’s browsing behaviour to see where the major heat & drop-off points are.

A/B testing

We ideate high-converting opportunities, hypothize & run A/B tests to validate it. Then we study the data & implement what works best.


From audience & real-time website reports to conversion funnel & aquisiton reports, we’ll study everything that helps us take data-driven conversion decisions.


We’ll match visitor intent & identify high ranking opportunities by identifying on-page, off-page & technical SEO aspects.

Why Pixelmattic is the best CRO Agency for your needs?

Dedicated helpdesk

Client login for quick access to filing and checking tickets and their latest status.

Easy reporting

Quarterly and monthly reports documenting work done, website health stats and suggestions for improvement.

Quick response

Dedicated support resources who respond in less than 4 hours and resolve your issues instantly.

Partner access

Access to agency’s founders with their extensive knowledge and experience in design, marketing, and tech.


Dedicated account executive to cater to your needs & communicate your vision with precision to our team.

Did you know?

70% of marketers who use CRO consider the outcomes of their experiments to make other marketing decisions


Why is Conversion rate optimization important for business?

Conversion rate is crucial for any business because it provides insights into the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns and website design. It allows businesses to identify areas for improvement and optimize their marketing efforts to increase revenue and grow their customer base. A low conversion rate can be an indication of a poorly designed website, inadequate marketing strategy, or a mismatch between the product or service being offered and the target audience..

What is included in a CRO audit?

A typical CRO audit involves a series of tests and evaluations to identify potential issues that may be impacting the website’s ability to convert visitors into customers.

The following are some of the key components typically included in a CRO audit:

1.Website Analytics: A thorough review of the website’s analytics data to identify traffic sources, user behaviour, and conversion rates. This data can help pinpoint areas of the site that may need improvement.
2.User Experience Evaluation: A review of the website’s navigation, layout, and overall design, with a focus on identifying usability issues and potential roadblocks to conversion.
3.Content Analysis: An analysis of the website’s content, including copy, images, and other media, to determine if it is engaging, relevant, and persuasive.
4.Conversion Funnel Analysis: A review of the website’s conversion funnel, from the initial landing page through to the final checkout process, with the goal of identifying any barriers to conversion.
5.A/B Testing: The use of split testing to compare two versions of a website page to determine which performs better in terms of conversion rate.

What are the different CRO metrics?

1.Conversion Rate: This is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or subscribing to a newsletter. A high conversion rate indicates that a website is effectively persuading visitors to take action.

2.Bounce Rate: This is the percentage of visitors who leave a website after viewing only one page. A high bounce rate can indicate that visitors are not finding what they are looking for or that the website is difficult to navigate.

3.Average Session Duration: This is the average amount of time that visitors spend on a website. A high average session duration can indicate that visitors are engaged with the content and find value in it.

4.Click-Through Rate (CTR): This is the percentage of visitors who click on a specific link or button. A high CTR can indicate that visitors are interested in learning more about a particular product or service.

5.Cost per Acquisition (CPA): This is the amount of money spent to acquire one customer. A low CPA indicates that a website is effectively converting visitors into customers without spending too much money.

What should I measure as a conversion?

A conversion is any action that you want visitors to take on your website that contributes to your business goals. Here are some examples of conversions that you might want to measure:

1.Online Purchases: If you are running an e-commerce website, a purchase is likely your primary conversion goal.

2.Form Submissions: If you are looking to generate leads or collect user data, form submissions can be a valuable conversion to track.

3.Newsletter Sign-ups: If you are looking to build a mailing list, newsletter sign-ups can be an important conversion to track.

4.Downloads: If you are offering digital products, whitepapers, or other downloadable resources, downloads can be a valuable conversion to track.

5.Phone Calls: If you have a phone number listed on your website, tracking the number of calls you receive can be a valuable conversion to measure.

What should I do before I start CRO?

Here are some important considerations:

1. Website Traffic: Before starting CRO, having enough traffic to your website to generate statistically significant results is important. If your website doesn’t have enough traffic, your CRO efforts may not be practical.

2. Business Goals: Clearly define your business goals and how your website can support them. This will help guide your CRO efforts and ensure you optimize for the right metrics.

3. User Experience: User experience is a critical factor in CRO. Consider the user journey and identify areas where visitors might encounter friction or barriers to conversion. Addressing these issues can improve your website’s conversion rate.

4. Analytics: Analyze your website data to identify areas for improvement. Look at metrics such as bounce rate, time on page, and conversion rate to identify areas that need attention.

5. Budget and Resources: CRO can require significant time and resources, so it’s important to have a realistic budget and allocate resources appropriately.

How much do CRO services cost?

 The cost depends on the scope of the project. Some factors that may influence the cost include the size and complexity of your website, the amount of traffic it receives, the number of pages or funnels to be optimized, and the level of expertise and experience of the CRO provider. The cost of CRO services also depends on the tools and technology used.

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