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Making a Difference with
Non Profit Website Design Services

Why is Non Profit
Website Design Essential?

1. Enhancing user experience: By improving the user experience of a non-profit website, we can make it easier for people to find information and make donations.

2. Better reach: By optimizing a non-profit website for search engines, we can help organizations reach a wider audience.

3. Creating brand awareness: A well-designed website can help non-profit organizations create brand awareness and reach more people.

What an NGO website needs?

Landing Pages

Our optimized landing pages will make it easy for visitors to take action and support your desired cause.


Keep your community updated on how your NGO is taking steps towards the cause through regular blog updates.


High-quality images that appeal to emotions and help you drive your point forward for the cause you support.

Event pages

Ypur event pages will be optimized for search engines and conversions, making it easy for people to find and register for them.

Donation forms

The high-converting donation forms will help you raise more funds and make a greater impact.

Hear From Businesses That Trust Our WordPress Development Services

Disha Bhatia



When we reached out to Pixelmattic, we liked their approach and clarity in the steps forward. The team is polite and warm which makes it easy and smooth to get the work done. One of the most impressive aspects for us would be how they plan and provide regular updates on the work. It really makes our job easy 🙂


Kruthika Subramanyam



Whether you’re someone who’s familiar with WordPress, tech speak, and coding; or not – Sandeep and Karan speak your language. They’re honestly wonderful to work with. With Pixelmattic coming onboard, changes and updates get pushed to production a lot faster, and time taken to deploy changes has reduced significantly.


Karn Malhotra

Business Head , Exit Design

Systematic in the way you tackle problems and always engaging and a pleasure to work with. What I liked the most was the domain expertise and the feeling that you know all the things that can go right or wrong with WordPress. What I liked about your service was a very stable senior management and a visibly growing team and set of services.


Empowering NGOs: A WordPress Development Case Study

Case Study of a Non-Profit Website Redesign

Find out how we transformed an NGO website using storytelling and streamlined navigation to increase donations—read the case study now.

Here are Pixelmattic’s Web Services for NGOs

Website Design and Development

High-converting website design that helps you attract, retain and convert visitors into supporters.

CRM integration

CRM integration services to help streamline your donations and operations while improving engagement.

Microsites Development

Focused microsites to drive engagement and donations for particular campaigns.

Theme Customization

We customize your themes to be more simple and direct in a way that’s user-friendly, accessible, and optimized for conversions.


We help you rank higher in search and get discovered easily so more people can find and support what you do.

Digital strategy

We will help you create a comprehensive digital strategy that transforms your website into a marketing & lead-generation hub supported by email and social.


Why should an NGO have a website?

Website serves as a powerful tool for an NGO to showcase their mission, goals, and impact to a global audience. It helps in building credibility, raising awareness, attracting potential donors, volunteers, and partners, and provides a platform to share success stories and updates.

What features should an NGO website have?

An effective NGO website should include features like

  • Clear mission statement and goals
  • Information about projects and initiatives
  • Donation and fundraising capabilities
  • Volunteer registration and engagement
  • Blog or news section for updates
  • Multimedia content (photos, videos)
  • Social media integration
  • Contact and inquiry forms
  • Responsive design for mobile users
  • Accessibility features for inclusivity
How long does it take to develop an NGO website?

The timeline for developing an NGO website can vary based on factors such as complexity, features, customization, and content preparation. A basic website might take a few weeks, while more complex sites could take a couple of months.

How much does it cost to develop an NGO website?

The cost depends on factors like design complexity, functionality, customizations, and ongoing maintenance. It’s important to discuss your specific requirements with a developer for a more accurate estimate.

Can the website be customized to match the organization's brand and vision?

We can tailor the website’s design, layout, color scheme, and content to align perfectly with the NGO’s brand identity and vision. Customization ensures that the website reflects the organization’s uniqueness and values

How can an NGO have a successful online reach?

An NGO should consider these strategies:

Regularly update the website with fresh content, including success stories and events.
Optimize the website for search engines (SEO) to improve visibility.
Utilize social media platforms to engage with the audience and share updates.
Implement an email newsletter to maintain communication with donors and supporters.
Consider online advertising and partnerships with influencers to expand reach.
Utilize Google Ad Grants for free advertising on Google Search.

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