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Scale Your Startup with Pixelmattic’s WordPress Excellence

How can your Startup benefit from WordPress?

Custom UI/UX

WordPress is infinitely customizable so matter what your startup needs on its digital doorstep, it can be built, maintained and scaled on WP.

Performance Optimization

Ensure lightning-fast loading times, easy navigation and tight security for uninterrupted interactions.

Mobile-Ready Solutions

Let customers experience the best of what your enterprise has to offer with responsive design. Built with enhanced speed & functionality for a smooth online experience across devices.

Visual Consistency

Fosters a sense of professionalism, making a lasting impression on potential customers and investors

Here’s What Our Clients Say

Disha Bhatia



When we reached out to Pixelmattic, we liked their approach and clarity in the steps forward. The team is polite and warm which makes it easy and smooth to get the work done. One of the most impressive aspects for us would be how they plan and provide regular updates on the work. It really makes our job easy 🙂

Kruthika Subramanyam



Whether you’re someone who’s familiar with WordPress, tech speak, and coding; or not – Sandeep and Karan speak your language. They’re honestly wonderful to work with. With Pixelmattic coming onboard, changes and updates get pushed to production a lot faster, and time taken to deploy changes has reduced significantly.

Sohail Merchant

Digital Marketing Head,
Imarticus Learning


“Pixelmattic has been a stable and reliable WordPress team helping us grow our website from 78k to 335k pageviews and 21k to 180k users per month. In particular, they were able to help us with their WordPress expertise when it came to site migrations, site optimisation and WordPress customisations.”

Why Pixelmattic for Your Startup Makes Sense?


As WP experts, you get timely updates and implementation, founder access and intelligent insights via website audits and market recommendations.

Continuous Support

Provide ongoing technical support, updates, and improvements as your startup scales with us.


We proactively monitor spam, malware & uptimes. Plus, our automated backups ensure you never lose anything important.


Ensure seamless functionality, easy content updates, and a strong online presence right from the get-go

Here’s How We’ve Helped Other Startups

Miq mockup

Building a Cutting-Edge Website for a Leading Data Analytics Company

MiQ is our retainer client. We provide ongoing WordPress maintenance and support services. We are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of their WordPress website

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Website Development and Optimization for an E-commerce store

‘Kerala Ayurveda, an e-commerce store offering ayurvedic products for healing and wellness, reached out to us for a redesign and revamp of their website for the US market. The main goal of this project was..

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Can Pixelmattic offer customized WordPress solutions tailored to startups' unique needs and goals?

Pixelmattic specializes in custom WordPress development, crafting solutions to align with the specific objectives of startups. 

How experienced is Pixelmattic in developing WordPress websites for startups?

Pixelmattic has a proven track record in creating successful startup websites on WordPress, leveraging expertise in scalability and engagement.

What's the typical project timeline for developing a startup website with Pixelmattic?

Project timelines are structured for efficiency and quality, tailored to startup needs and focused on timely delivery.

Can Pixelmattic assist in integrating startup tools and third-party services into WordPress websites for startups?

Pixelmattic excels in seamless integration, ensuring startups leverage external tools effectively.

How does Pixelmattic ensure the security of startup websites developed on WordPress?

Pixelmattic implements robust security measures, regular updates, and compliance checks to safeguard startup websites and data. You can read more here.

What post-launch support and maintenance services does Pixelmattic offer for startup websites?

Pixelmattic provides comprehensive support, including updates, security monitoring, and ongoing optimization to ensure startup websites operate smoothly.

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