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Build Your Best Education Platform on WordPress

How Does Your Edtech Brand Benefit from Our WordPress Development Services?

Seamless Content Management

Effortlessly organize and update educational resources. Easily managed, done in minutes.

Performance Optimization

Ensure lightning-fast loading times, easy navigation and tight security for uninterrupted learning.

Mobile-Ready Solutions

Deliver education on-the-go with responsive design. Experience the magic of ed-tech on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Visual Consistency

Ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience, fostering a conducive learning environment for students of all ages.

Here’s what our customers say

Disha Bhatia



When we reached out to Pixelmattic, we liked their approach and clarity in the steps forward. The team is polite and warm which makes it easy and smooth to get the work done. One of the most impressive aspects for us would be how they plan and provide regular updates on the work. It really makes our job easy 🙂

Kruthika Subramanyam



Whether you’re someone who’s familiar with WordPress, tech speak, and coding; or not – Sandeep and Karan speak your language. They’re honestly wonderful to work with. With Pixelmattic coming onboard, changes and updates get pushed to production a lot faster, and time taken to deploy changes has reduced significantly.

Swati Taneja

Kerala Ayurveda


I really liked the brainstorming sessions with Sandeep and Karan. You always came back with new ideas . The revamped website looked entirely different and better. I would say it was a smooth communication regarding design and marketing perspective. Karan was always there for the technical support.

Ed-Tech Startups Prefer Pixelmattic. Here’s Why…


We will build the WordPress platform, integrating learning tools, plugins, content management systems, and much more.

Continuous Support

Provide ongoing technical support, updates, and improvements as your Ed-Tech startup scales with us.


We proactively monitor spam, malware & uptimes. Plus, our automated backups ensure you never lose anything important.


We help in leveraging WordPress to create innovative and effective learning solutions

Here’s How We Helped Other Ed-Tech Startups Like Yours

Miq mockup

Building a Cutting-Edge Website for a Leading Data Analytics Company

MiQ is our retainer client. We provide ongoing WordPress maintenance and support services. We are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of their WordPress website

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Website Development and Optimization for an E-commerce store

‘Kerala Ayurveda, an e-commerce store offering ayurvedic products for healing and wellness, reached out to us for a redesign and revamp of their website for the US market. The main goal of this project was..

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Can WordPress support complex e-learning platforms?

Yes, WordPress offers robust plugins and themes specifically designed for e-learning, allowing seamless integration of courses, quizzes, and user management systems. Edtech WordPress websites are simple to create.

Is WordPress secure for handling sensitive student data?

With regular updates and security plugins, WordPress can be made highly secure. Additionally, choosing reputable hosting providers and implementing encryption ensures data safety. You can read more here.

How customizable are WordPress themes for educational websites?

WordPress offers a vast array of customizable themes tailored for education. From colors and layouts to specific functionalities, there’s immense flexibility to match your brand and needs.

Can WordPress handle large volumes of simultaneous users during peak times?

Education website in WordPress can manage heavy traffic with proper optimization and scaling strategies. Employing caching mechanisms and reliable hosting can ensure smooth performance.

Are there plugins for creating interactive lessons and assessments?

WordPress boasts plugins enabling interactive content creation, including quizzes, interactive lessons, and multimedia presentations, enhancing student engagement.

How user-friendly is WordPress for educators who need to be tech-savvy?

An Edtech WordPress Website offers an intuitive interface, making it user-friendly even for those without extensive technical knowledge. Additionally, there are plenty of resources and tutorials available for guidance.

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