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WordPress Technical Consulting for an Executive B-School

Services Provided: Development  Maintenance  
WordPress Technical Consulting for an Executive B-School

Institute of Product Leadership is a business school designed for Product Professionals. IPL aims to accelerate the career paths of engineering professionals. Their programs are designed to combine real-world insights with cutting-edge product management techniques.

Our unique WordPress support and maintenance engagement with the business school client included:

  • WordPress Consultation and technical evaluation of MVPs
  • WordPress Security & Malware Removals
  • Setting up WordPress environments for various micro-sites
  • Providing WordPress Backup and restore services
  • WordPress Performance optimization
  • WordPress Troubleshooting
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Recommendation from Institute of Product Leadership

Our apprehension before engaging was around the depth of expertise to take a deep plunge in doing theme and plug-in customization or take proactiveness in driving new R&D research for new tech initiatives around WordPress expertise. However, in our interactions you were very good in terms of servicing and responsiveness of critical site maintenance tasks or quick configuration/integration/setup/backup related tasks for a well-defined set of functional and experience requirements in WordPress sites. We appreciated your ability to listen and be responsive to urgent requests. I would definitely recommend for the kind of services we have found valuable.

Ramanan Ganesan

Head of Product Labs and Business Operations

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