UX Design for a Non-Profit Website Optimized for Donations

Services Provided:
UX Design for a Non-Profit Website Optimized for Donations

Rural Development Trust is an NGO based out of Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh. Judit who was the International Communications Officer at RDT reached out to us through our website in June 2018.

We visited their HQ in Anantapur on their invitation to understand the history of the organization and their scale of efforts in the rural areas of Andhra and Telangana, which inspired us to come up with a modern website.

The non-profit had an old and outdated website that was suffering from frequent website downtimes and security issues. The content on the website as also dense and not easily navigable.

We followed our systematic process of guiding the client through different phases of the website project and provided the following services:

  1. Information Architecture Consultation
  2. Website Design
  3. Custom WordPress Development
  4. Development of a resource hub for uploading their publications
  5. Payment gateway integration for accepting donations
  6. Hosting and website maintenance

We followed a 3 stage design process which you can read about in our case study. The design imbibed the rural environments RDT works in, their brand colors in the logo and the need for using lots of pictures of the work they do on the ground.

Here is the design transformation of the website from a wireframe to a fully functioning website:

Client   Testimonial

Felita Viegas

Communications Officer

Project's Case Studies

Case Study of a Non-Profit Website Redesign

Website Redesign Challenge Information Hierarchy and Navigation Issues The number of pages and multi-level page hierarchy made content accessibility and discoverability a challenge, particularly when one of the goals of the client was to showcase the extensive work...

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