We are based out of Bangalore, a southern Indian city better known for its all year ‘round great weather, snarly traffic and being home to some of the best tech. minds in the country.

We seek to provide WordPress related products and services, with effective  solutions that are future proof for your brand. Our experiences have been drawn in from various, multi-disciplinary domains, like game design, psychology and social media.

When we work with you, our team of designers, developers, and planners, encourage new ideas, shapes creative strategies, cohesive solutions, and push past traditional boundaries to create extraordinary results for your business.

Why WordPress?

You are the boss of your business and WordPress empowers you to have complete control of your site. This platform allows you to quickly and easily edit and publish content anywhere and at anytime.

WordPress is the world’s fastest growing web development platform, powering almost 1/5th of the world’s website traffic. Some of the world’s biggest brands rely on WordPress to deliver their digital requirements.

The WordPress platform is highly extensible – it’s easy to add-on functionality and extend features to create a website for various business needs.

We keep it simple and focus on what matters most.

Our Philosophy

Straight up, our deepest desire as a team and company is to make tech accessible and easy for everyone in a manner that is not intrusive, overbearing or overwhelming. We are your personal WP concierge. We guide, help identify requirements and assess WP tech., that works best for your brand. We have garnered immense experience consulting with educational Institutions in India, entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses.

Pixelmattic Team

We’re an interesting mix with your best interests at heart.

We bring to the table various skills that set us apart and conversely brings us together to work like a well oiled machine. We’re not just service providers but we’re your service partners and working for your brand and helping it develop its digital wings is what everyone on our team is driven about.

Our designers, developers, content writers and planners are all batting on your side.

We listen, discuss and dissect the problem. We research the landscape and constraints, evaluate possibilities, and offer solutions that meet your goals and the needs of your audience.

Of friendship, road trips and all things tech

The Founders

Karan Sachdev and Sandeep Kelvadi go back a long way! Their shared approach to innovation and technology and their deep seated desire to create simple solutions for complex issues have had them both collaborate together on several projects as Computer Science students. It wasn’t until a road trip along the breathtaking Californian coast, en route to Los Angeles that the duo decided to create unique products that aid learning and development using the psychology behind goal oriented games. The seeds for their entrepreneurial venture were sown. DreamNotion Innovations was created soon after when both Sandeep and Karan, quit their high flying IT workspaces to create one of their own and give their dream, legs.

Karan Sachdev


“Technology is the undisputed love of my life”

When not obsessing over the theory behind games and tinkering with how they are developed and designed, Karan travels and embraces his love for the great outdoors. He’s constantly on Geek mode, seeking out transformational tech, learning about their disruptive and productive effect on modern life. He’s also keen on integrating such technologies in non-traditional settings to create newer, more useful tools.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.53.37 am


“There’s inspiration to be found in everything.”

Being a Web Strategist, Sandeep knows how to ask the right questions that help clients discover and prioritize what they want, need, can accomplish, and afford. He often integrates his learning of design, psychology, user experience and technology into seamless web experiences. Apart from clocking up frequent flyer miles, Sandeep’s feverish love for travel is prominently evidenced by his exceedingly well-received photography skills.