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How To Integrate a Payment Gateway with WordPress

Step 1: Sign up with a PG by submitting documents

Step 2: Once approved, you will receive an integration kit and merchant payment dashboard credentials. 

Step 3: Share the PG details with your developer

Step 4: If the PG has an officially supported plugin for WordPress, the developer will install it, configure with the merchant details
If the Payment Gateway only provides a basic documentation, the developer will write code to integrate the two systems. The complexity of this integration will vary from project to project and PG. (Note: The PG must provide allow PHP integration for it to work with WordPress)

Step 5: Once the PG has been integrated, using the test environment (dummy card details), the developer run a few test cases for success and failure transactions, and share this report with the PG.

Step 6: The PG will review these test details along with the website and then approve the integration. Once approved, the payment is switched from a test to a live environment and you can start collecting payments

The entire process can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks. We, therefore, recommend to our clients to kickstart this conversation with PGs during the initial stages of the website development.


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