Content heavy websites are a challenge to design because of the many categories of content and the different parent-child relationships that exist between them.

Through this case study on information architecture, we want to highlight and showcase how the efforts of good planning and collaboration can lead to good websites.


    1. Migrating a live website with legacy IA to a new website with a new identity and IA
    2. Identifying issues with existing website and addressing it in the new one
      • Complex navigation with multiple clicks required to browse
      • Cluttered layout
      • Confusing content architecture in the backend
      • Multiple templates for desktop, tablet and mobile
    3. Mapping old site content architecture to a new simplified one
    4. Finding the right theme for a specific need
    5. Understanding the possibilities and limitations of the theme
    6. Planning the project execution with a tight budget constraint
    7. Adding new features that did not exist in the theme to satisfy a UX requirement.


    Client Testimonial

    Client Project

    Design Development

    Lakshmi Rebecca – Anchor, Model & Chat Show Host

    Lakshmi Rebecca is an anchor, model and film maker. The Lakshmi Rebecca Show is an online chat show with conversation on socially relevant subjects with entrepreneurs and celebrities. A content-rich website which was built on WordPress through intensive customizations of a WordPress theme. We added features like lazy load aka infinite page scrolling to ensure a better user experience in consuming content. We also optimized the mobile layouts by only displaying the necessary content on smaller screens. This website was created to rebrand her digital asset which previously existed as Chai With Lakshmi. To read more about the planning that…

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    Proven marketing tactics to build an automated lead generating system

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