Digital Strategy and Consulting for an EdTech company

Services Provided:
Digital Strategy and Consulting for an EdTech company

The Explorer’s Lab provides a learning experience through virtual internships, expeditions, and boot camps for students in the middle east. They had approached us to revamp and manage the website. After understanding their business and needs, we recommended our Digital Growth System. They agreed to revamp their digital presence.

Our scope of work for this Edtech client included:

  • Development of Brand and Content Marketing Strategies
  • Creation of Brand manual 
  • Formulation of brand positioning statements and communication objectives. 
  • Creating buyer personas and researching the target audience
  • Formulated website copy and image guidelines
  • Creation of brand identity
  • Revamp and redesign the website
  • Recommendations for hosting and website maintenance
  • Integrations of the forms with Mailchimp and Hubspot
  • Optimize the website for SEO and performance

Testimonial by The Explorers Lab

Tarun Dara


Project's Case Studies

Case Study on Digital Growth of an EdTech company

The Explorers Lab has approached us to revamp and manage its website. We also had a chat with Mr. Tarun Dara, the company's CEO. We pitched our service Digital Growth System to them. They seemed very interested in our proposal. They told us they were looking for a company to revamp their digital presence.

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