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The Explorers Lab has approached us to revamp and manage its website. Ms. Sapna gave us a brief about the background, business, and requirements.

We also had a chat with Mr. Tarun Dara, the company’s CEO. We pitched our service Digital Growth System to them. They seemed very interested in our proposal. They told us they were looking for a company to revamp their digital presence.

Digital Growth System 

Digital Growth System is a complete solution for lead generation that combines the latest user interface and user experience design with intelligent search engine optimization, effective content marketing strategies, and sales funnels designed for conversions.

We apply our breadth and depth of design, marketing, and technical skills to help businesses solve growth problems, starting with how people perceive brands and ending with sales funnel optimization.

Objectives of the project

The Explorers Lab initially provided learning trips for students. But due to the pandemic, it was not possible to go ahead and maintain the same.

Thus they wanted to move to the online model. 

  • Revamp their website and make it a lead generating tool
  • Establish themselves as a prominent brand
  • Improve their online presence
  • Optimize the website for SEO
  • Optimize the website for performance
  • Promote digital growth of the business
  • Create a brand communication strategy
  • Identify buyer persona and customer journey process


  • Expected quick turnaround results
  • Wanted to dive into the marketing before the formulation of brand and communication strategies
  • Conducted workshops to enlighten the client before the implementation of marketing solutions.
  • The Explorers Lab’s website was a WordPress website. It had bugs that were to be fixed. 
  • The hosting of the website was from WordPress
  • The website had old plugins, and those were not updated.
  • The website had too many pages. All of these were to be redesigned and revamped. More time had to be spent on the research of educational website designs.
  • The setting of proper website layout and standardization of fonts.
  • Difficulty in making the client understand the website layouts and designs

Solutions by Pixelmattic 

1. Development of Brand and Content Marketing strategies.

We provided a marketing audit questionnaire to know the client’s objectives and perspective on marketing. We also research the target buyer persona based on the inputs given by the client.

We also conducted a series of workshops for the clients to understand the importance of Branding and Content Marketing. 

Here’s a snapshot of how it was done.

Workshop screenshot


  • Formulated Brand Communication strategies
  • Formulated brand positioning statements and communication objectives. 
  • Conducted research and analyzed the brand’s current position in the industry and the SWOT analysis of the brand.
  • Identified the target groups, including students, parents, educators, program partners, and counselors. Created buyer persona for each of these groups.
  • Identified the communication objectives and mapped content to the challenges and pain points of the target audience over the different stages of the marketing funnel. Content themes and strategies were formulated.
  • Recommended a few content marketing strategies such as SEO optimized content, automated email marketing, and content collaboration through podcasts and webinars.

2. Creation of Brand manual 

  • Created a brand manual that included The Explorers Lab’s Vision, Mission, Brand identity.
  • Formulated Brand Voice and Tagline
  • Provided design guidelines which included:
  1. Creation of logo
  2. Recommended the font sizes and color palettes
  3. Provided guidelines on imagery, iconography, and patterns usage
  4. Formulated Copy guidelines and Tine of voice.
Brand Manual
A snapshot of The Explorers Lab Brand Manual
Brand Manual

3. Website design and development solutions

  • The existing website was audited. There were a few bugs that were fixed.
  • Recommended and changed the hosting provider to Kinsta.
  • The entire website design was revamped, and recommended the brand colors.
  • Provided website copies
  • Created engaging design, and the CTA s were adequately set up.
  • Removal of old plugins and updating with new ones
  • Created custom post type
  • Integrated the forms with Mailchimp and Hubspot
Email integration
  • Manually updated all content without the help of any plugins
  • Created a prebuilt template for an advanced custom field plugin.

4. Optimized the website for SEO and performance

The client wanted to create a conversion-focused website with a better user experience and optimized for search engines. To create such a website, the first step for us is to do a website audit. Once this was done, We fixed the on-page issues. 

  • We created a benchmark document to analyze the rankings and traffic status of the website. We also set up the Google search console for tracking.
  • We conducted the research to know the organic competitors of the website and analyzed the site ranking with other competitors in the industry.
  • We gathered the list of seed keywords and conducted comprehensive keyword research for ranking on search engines. We shortlisted the keywords to rank for, implemented those on each page, and included them in the image’s alt text, meta title, and descriptions.
  • Configured schema set up as organization on the SEO plugin.  
  • Resolved technical issues with respect to search engine guidelines and created an efficient list of URLs on XML sitemap.
  • Identified the opportunities for generating backlinks.
  • Created an SEO performance report once all of the above were implemented.


Impact infographic

1. Improvement in the performance


The Explorer’s Lab provides a learning experience through virtual internships, expeditions, and boot camps for students in the middle east.

Performance report


Performance report after

2. Improvement in the traffic


Traffic sources


Organic traffic since March 2021.

Organic traffic 2021

3. Website Design

website snapshot

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Tarun Dara


Client Project

Digital Strategy and Consulting for an EdTech company

The Explorers Lab has approached us to revamp and manage its website. We also had a chat with Mr. Tarun Dara, the company's CEO. We pitched our service Digital Growth System to them. They seemed very interested in our proposal. They told us they were looking for a company to revamp their digital presence.

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