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Elevating Success: Pixelmattic’s Role in a SaaS Community’s Digital Evolution

Elevating Success: Pixelmattic’s Role in a SaaS Community’s Digital Evolution

SaaSBoomi is a vibrant ecosystem, a close-knit community formed by B2B SaaS founders in India, driven by the ethos of ‘For Founders By Founders’. Born from the experiences of seasoned SaaS pioneers, it embraces companies across all stages and funding types, boasting a thriving US Chapter. This community thrives on open playbooks, nurturing a safe environment for candid conversations where vulnerability and shared learnings are celebrated. Powered by passionate volunteers, this collective is built on empathy, respect for the entrepreneurial journey, and an unwavering commitment to amplify the SaaS landscape, all orchestrated by and for founders.

SaaSBoomi relies on Pixelmattic’s monthly website maintenance to ensure a top-notch digital presence. This partnership allows SaaSBoomi to focus on nurturing its community of SaaS founders while Pixelmattic handles its website’s continuous upkeep and improvements.

The objectives of the project:

  • Revamp for Campaign Pages: Update and optimize campaign-specific pages for better engagement and conversion.
  • Custom User-Friendly Fields: Implement editable fields for easier content management, enhancing the user experience.
  • Refactoring PHP Code and Templates: Restructure hard-coded PHP sections, making them more modular, reusable, and easier to maintain.
  • Resolve Responsive Issues: Address and rectify any responsiveness issues for seamless device access.
  • Improving Backend Usability: Enhance the backend interface to be more intuitive and user-friendly for content management.
  • Methodology Enhancement: Transition from outdated PHP coding methodologies to contemporary practices for efficiency and scalability.

Challenges of the project: 

  • Hard-coded PHP sections led to cumbersome updates.
  • Responsive issues needed resolution.
  • The backend interface lacked user-friendliness.
  • Outdated PHP methodologies hindered efficiency.
  • Implementing reusable modules required careful execution.

Solutions by Pixelmattic: 

1. Website Audit: Pixelmattic conducted a comprehensive website audit for SaaSBoomi, focusing on the key aspects:

  • Structure Review: Assessed website layout and navigation for user-friendliness.
  • Themes and Plugins Check: Evaluated installed elements for updates, compatibility, and efficiency.
  • Performance Analysis: Addressed speed, loading times, and optimization issues.
  • Security Assessment: Conducted a comprehensive check for vulnerabilities and implemented safeguards.

Here’s a glimpse of the audit report

Website audit report

2. Customization:

Pixelmattic, while working on SaaSBoomi’s website, implemented a tailored solution by crafting custom fields for user-friendly editing. This involved

  • Designing and integrating editable fields within the site
  • Offering ease of use and flexibility in content management.
  • Revamped several coded modules, transforming them into editable components.

This approach allowed smoother updates and modifications, empowering the SaaSBoomi team to efficiently manage and customize specific website sections without delving into intricate coding.

3. New and revamped landing pages for campaigns.

Pixelmattic spearheaded the creation of new and revitalized landing pages tailored for SaaSBoomi’s campaigns. We initiated an end-to-end process, from conceptual design to development, ensuring timely delivery to align with campaign schedules. Through meticulous testing and quality checks, we guaranteed seamless functionality. 

Event LP

Our team’s dedication to meeting deadlines facilitated the launch of new landing pages, promptly providing updated event pages and facilitating real-time updates for optimal campaign performance. This streamlined approach ensured that SaaSBoomi had agile and engaging landing pages perfectly synchronized with their evolving campaigns.

Here’s a glimpse of the whole website:

SaaSBoomi initially embarked on its digital journey with Pixelmattic through a startup retainer plan, seeking assistance establishing its online presence. As the community evolved and its digital needs expanded, the partnership burgeoned into a dedicated retainer agreement with Pixelmattic. This progression stemmed from Pixelmattic’s adept handling of SaaSBoomi’s initial requirements, demonstrating technical prowess and an understanding of SaaSBoomi’s vision and goals. The transition to a dedicated retainer showcased Pixelmattic’s ability to consistently deliver high-quality solutions, earning its trust as a reliable partner in steering SaaSBoomi’s digital landscape toward continued growth and success.

This transition wasn’t just about growth; it was a testament to Pixelmattic’s unwavering commitment. Ready to elevate your digital presence? Explore our WordPress Development Services and start your own success story today.

Client   Testimonial

Disha Bhatia

When we reached out to Pixelmattic, we liked their approach and clarity in the steps forward. The team is polite and warm which makes it easy and smooth to get the work done. One of the most impressive aspects for us would be how they plan and provide regular updates on the work. It really makes our job easy

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