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Case study

A content publisher has unique requirements from a WordPress website. Hosting, UX improvements, WordPress updates and customizations are requirements that need to be carefully handled, especially if the website is a high-traffic one.

This case study highlights our experience of managing a content publisher’s website called Bar & Bench. Download to find out how we managed this high traffic content publisher WordPress website.


Client Testimonial

Pixelmattic took over our website in 2015. And for the next 5 years, they helped us manage and grow the website from 200,000 users to 400,000 users, 300,000 page views to 1,500,000 page views. I've had a good working relationship with their team and they've always been quick with their support and offered useful recommendations. I would recommend them to any company or publisher looking for a team with strong WordPress development expertise.Bar and Bench Recommendation

Pallavi Saluja


Client Project

Design Development Maintenance

WordPress Development for a Leading Indian Legal Journalism Website

Bar & Bench is the most prominent legal journalism website in India covering news related to Indian legal system. It’s a high traffic, subscription based, content heavy website. The needs of a high traffic website are unique. Bar & Bench was looking for a reliable WordPress development partner to help them with the right advice, good support and technical capability to manage a complex website. “Our tech worries have definitely reduced, and I like the fact that objective, well-researched advice is now just a phone call/e-mail away. The biggest apprehension was whether the tasks would be completed in a professional, time-bound manner. The…

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