Slow page loads times are the biggest stumbling block for a lot of digital marketers who are trying to optimize their website for traffic and lead generation. Performance optimization of a WordPress website involves assessing the website hosting, bloated WordPress theme, unoptimized images and excessive plugins. WordPress is not slow. Slow WordPress websites are a result of poor user understanding of performance requirements. Read our in-depth blog posts on optimizing a website for speed. In this section, we look at how WordPress theme can cause performance issues, how certain plugins can affect drastically, using WordPress performance optimization plugins and choosing the right web hosting providers your business. Our case study on WordPress performance optimization documents how we worked with client websites to eliminate blot, optimize images, recommend faster WordPress hosting and rebuild websites with speed in mind.

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Pixelmattic helps clients optimize the website on a regular basis by looking at various parameters like image optimization, database optimization, theme structure optimization and more. We do this through our ongoing development support plans.

Optimizing WordPress for speed is never the same on two different websites. It requires careful assessment and sometimes a process of trial error. We’ve written a 22-chapter comprehensive guide on optimizing WordPress for marketing, which also covers aspects of page speed optimization.

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