The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Using WordPress

Build Fast Landing Pages, Launch Campaigns & Manage Lead-gen Websites, Without Code.

Our WordPress Marketing guide contains 20 chapters of WordPress marketing tips and insights, written by WordPress experts with a decade of experience in WordPress development and marketing.

We’ve curated the best WordPress plugins for marketing and the most impactful marketing tactics to use on WordPress.

Read the entire WordPress guide from the beginning or jump straight to the chapter of your interest.

  1. Pick Hosting for WordPress
  2. Getting Started with WordPress
  3. Website Planning Process
  4. Wireframes for Websites
  5. Useful WordPress Features
  6. Shortlisting WordPress Themes for Marketing
  7. Choosing WordPress Page Builders
  8. Optimizing WordPress for SEO
  9. Optimizing for Mobile Devices
  10. Content Marketing with WordPress
  11. Common WordPress Mistakes
  12. Integrating Analytics with WordPress
  13. Launching Marketing Campaigns on WordPress
  14. Building Landing Pages on WordPress
  15. Important Pages to Optimize
  16. Speeding up WordPress
  17. WordPress Marketing Automation
  18. WordPress CRM Integration
  19. Build Email List on WordPress
  20. Project Expectations & Budget
  21. Final Thoughts & Marketing Survey Results

WordPress for marketing is a logical choice for many. WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS. It has a big ecosystem of service providers, online documentation and plugins.

The Digital Marketing Benefits of WordPress

  • SEO-friendly CMS
  • Portability of content
  • A plethora of marketing plugins
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • No-code customization options
  • A big ecosystem of service providers, solutions and community.

We’ve interacted with a lot of marketing folks who are responsible for lead generation, website traffic and business growth. Through our conversations with them, we’ve heard some questions asked over and over again. This inspired us to create the Ultimate WordPress Optimization Guide.

WordPress for Marketing – Who is this Marketing Guide for?

This is a WordPress guide for marketers who want to learn how to::

  • Ensure your website is structured to meet your business and marketing goals
  • Overcome the challenges marketers face when building a website
  • Improve lead generation and overall ROI of the website
  • Maintain the website with simple but effective tools
  • Or simply unsure what your website must have

..then this WordPress optimization guide is for you!

It doesn’t matter if you work with a small or large organisation or work as a freelancer, this marketing guide will help you no matter the size of your business.

Download the guide or read till the end to find out what was the biggest cause for concern with most digital marketers and the results for all the questions.

How is this WordPress for Marketing Guide different from the others?

There are plenty of online courses, guides and resources for a digital marketer to learn about SEO, Facebook marketing and Google Ads. There is an equal amount of free resources to learn about the technical aspects of WordPress.

In our experience of interacting with digital marketers who use WordPress, we realised that there was no resource that combined the two. This guide offers digital marketers the most important aspects of WordPress that relate to their marketing efforts. It also explains how to integrate content marketing in WordPress websites.

This guide is not technical documentation for WordPress or digital marketing. Rather it provides practical and useful advice on how to use WordPress and get the most out of it for your digital marketing efforts.


Why choose WordPress?

  1. WordPress powers more than 39% of the internet and has a 64% market share among CMS providers.
  2. WordPress is open source and supported by an active community all over the world (in 400+ cities), so finding access to help is never far away. Pixelmattic is an active participant and a core organizer of the Bengaluru WordPress community.
  3. It has a massive library of themes and plugins (55,000+). Combined with the flexibility of the platform, WordPress can be customised to meet almost any requirement
  4. Since it started out as a blogging platform and evolved into a complete CMS, it has built-in features that make content publishing extremely easy.
  5. WordPress is actively developed and improved constantly through the help of the community. There is a major software release every quarter, adding new features and improving older ones.
  6. WordPress is SEO friendly thanks to search-friendly URLs, content publishing features and many SEO plugins that can do a lot with no coding effort.
  7. WordPress can be fast and robust. It’s how you set it up and maintain the website that impacts the performance. (We’ll show you all the common traps to avoid in this guide)

Hosting for WordPress – Build on a Strong Foundation

  Hosting is the bedrock of your website. A weak or even unsuitable hosting option can make your website easily prone to security attacks and slow performance. Worse you could suffer every business owner’s nightmare – frequent downtime. Hosting for WordPress has a few specific requirements we will look at in this chapter. Choosing the right […]


Getting Started With WordPress – Early, But Critical Decisions To Make

Before getting started with WordPress, let’s dispel some common myths and also learn about some WordPress basics. There are two fundamental types static and dynamic. It is an oversimplification, but helpful to understand the types of websites. Static websites are mostly a collection of pages with static information that doesn’t often change. In contrast, dynamic […]


Website Planning Process – Plan Right and See Your Project Succeed

How Important is the Website Planning Process? The Website planning process is an often-underestimated activity in launching a website. Even a simple one-page website requires planning. The larger and more complex your website is, the more meticulous your planning needs to be. From deciding the theme to creating content to choosing domain vendors there are […]


Wireframes for Websites – A Low-Cost High-Impact Tool

We have briefly discussed using wireframes for websites in the previous chapter. Still, it deserved a separate section of its own, as it’s a powerful website building tool that can help you immensely in planning. Apart from planning and executing the design of a website, a wireframe can also help you with your conversions. There […]


12 Useful WordPress Features

  WordPress has a ton of fantastic features. Here we have picked our top 12 useful WordPress features especially helpful for digital marketers. 1. User Privileges WordPress offers six different types of roles, with varying levels of access. This feature not just makes the assignment of work a lot easier but also provides better security. […]


WordPress Themes for Marketing – Speed, SEO & Support

If you’ve read the previous chapters on settings goals and wireframing your website, you would be following a methodical approach to building a website. Choosing a WordPress theme is one of the most important decisions in this journey. If you’re reading this guide, it means you are keen to have your website optimized for marketing. […]


WordPress Page Builders – Love or Hate ‘Em You Can’t Ignore Them

Page Builders for WordPress – Do You Need Them? Content creation and editing have always been intuitive and user-friendly thanks to the classic editor (also known as WYSIWYG editor).  However, certain aspects are still hard for an average user. For example, using templates to create page layouts, among other things. This scenario is where a […]


Optimizing WordPress for SEO

Using WordPress for SEO is a good first step. Read on to find out why. As a digital marketer, you are surely aware of SEO, and it’s benefits for a website. Unfortunately, as you might also be aware, many myths are floating around. There are also some Black- Hat techniques being promoted by unscrupulous agencies. […]


Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Devices

Choosing a mobile-friendly WordPress theme goes a long way in ensuring your website is viewable to smaller screens. According to TechJury, Mobile market share worldwide is 52.1% compared to the desktop market share of 44.2%. Moreover, mobile market share has been steadily eating into the desktop share over the last few years. Hence it’s only logical […]


Content Marketing with WordPress – Go From a Regular User to a Power User

We’ll show you how you can build a content marketing platform using WordPress with a plethora of content marketing tools available to you in the form of WordPress plugins. We have spoken extensively about creating a good WordPress website and also touched on how to bring customers to your site. But all of this will […]


7 Common WordPress Mistakes

Here is a list of common WordPress mistakes made. Avoid them to ensure your website works at its optimum best.  1. Not Using a Child Theme A child theme is a secondary WordPress theme for your website. It replicates a lot of the features of the parent theme while also allowing you to customize functions […]


Configuring and Monitoring Analytics for WordPress

Why Measure? As a digital marketer, tracking is probably one of the most important things you will do to ensure your website is a success. By adding and monitoring analytics for WordPress, you can measure if the site is working towards your marketing goals and make changes accordingly. From maximizing engagement to optimize conversion rates, […]


Launch Successful Marketing Campaigns Using WordPress

Digital Marketers are evaluated by how many successful marketing campaigns they were able to manage and launch. In this chapter, we will show you how planning a marketing campaign and launching marketing campaigns using WordPress can be done with the help of plugins, tools and templates. WordPress has several tools to simplify and optimize your […]


Landing Page in WordPress – Build, Test and Reuse

  A landing page is a critical piece in the marketing campaign setup. While the previous chapter went into the details of how a marketing campaign works, this chapter will focus on one specific component of the marketing campaign – the landing page. There are many landing page builders and tools available, however, designing and […]


Important Pages on Your Website With Low Traffic But High Impact

Home page and your product/service pages might get all the attention when you are planning, designing and optimizing the website. However, there are equally important pages on your website, which may not get the attention or the high traffic volume of some of the other pages. About us, contact, thank you and 404 error pages […]


Super Charge Your WordPress Site Speed With Easy Website Optimization Tips

Is your WordPress site slow? Have you read numerous WordPress speed optimization articles, but wondering where to start or whether you can do it yourself? We will demystify some of the WordPress speed optimization related concepts and provide you with simple but effective website optimization tips you can implement on your site. Why is Website […]


WordPress Marketing Automation Explained

What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is a way to automate marketing processes and repetitive activities in a marketing campaign through the use of technology. The automation has a trigger followed by an action or series of actions. While AI and other advance technology platforms can automate complicated marketing activities and reporting functions, even small […]


Multiple Ways to Setup a WordPress CRM Integration

What is CRM? Why Do You Need One? When your business starts to generate a high volume of leads, you will need a system to capture and manage them. This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is needed. And with WordPress as your CMS and lead generation tool, we will show you the different […]


Grow Your Email Marketing With WordPress Email List Building Tools

We’ve discussed marketing automation in detail in chapter 17. In this chapter, we show you why email marketing is a powerful marketing channel, how you can set up email marketing with WordPress and the most popular WordPress email list building tools. Why is Email Marketing Excellent for Lead Generation? Despite the emergence of social media, […]


Managing Expectations, Budget and Performance

Whether you are working on a website for a client or a marketing manager working on your company website, few challenges are common across the board.  The mismatch between expectations/budgets versus performance is probably the most common.  Unfortunately, most companies budget for digital marketing almost as an afterthought. Added to which, since digital marketing is […]


Final Thoughts on Using WordPress for Marketing

As per a Hubspot global report, 63% of marketers they interviewed were planning to invest in a website upgrade in 2020.  We spoke to digital marketers and asked them what were there biggest concerns with digital marketing. The Most Common Concerns for Digital Marketers: Generating traffic for the website Choosing the right tools and technology […]