Keeping up with our blog series on Video bloggers, let’s move on to the best WordPress plugins for video bloggers. Before that go over our previous two posts on:

  1. How WordPress for video bloggers can be a great platform
  2. Great video editing tools for video blogger.
WordPress plugins for Video bloggers

Smart YouTubeOne of the most used video plugins. It supports playback of a lot of video types whether YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. Supports the latest high definition video. It is a small and fast plugin.

wordpress plugins for video bloggers


Video embedderA great plugin to embed videos into your website from varied sources. Even if you change the layout of your website, video embedder makes it easy to change the dimensions of your video.

wordpress plugins for video bloggers

Easy Fancybox : It gives an easy Lightbox option for all the media links. It provides links to YouTube, Vimeo, and more. The plugin also features YouTube galleries.

wordpress plugins for video bloggers

Viper’s Video Quicktags : Embed videos and fully control how the video looks on your website. You can customise the dimensions. colour and alignment of the videos.

JW player 7: Plugin that will help publish your videos on your website pages or the posts. It is new and has quite a few options on the skins, position, and share/

wordpress plugins for video bloggers

Plugins to embed your videos.

Specific to YouTubers:

Automatic Youtube Video postsIt automatically created the posts for the videos from any YouTube account.

wordpress plugins for video bloggers

YouTube Channel galleryGives you a thumbnail of the videos from the YouTuber’s channel. Click on the thumbnails to expand the video.

wordpress plugins for video bloggers

More on Best WordPress Plugins for YouTubers.

Video GalleryA plugin to showcase your videos in a different way.Fully responsive with 7 fancy views.

wordpress plugins for video bloggers



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