Updated on 25th August 2016: Reviewed and added more sites to the list

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform on the internet. It has a 60% market share among content management systems, powers 25% of all websites on the internet, 22k of the top 100k websites on the internet run on WordPress. How about WordPress in India? We did a survey using Alexa ranking tool to find the highest ranked WordPress websites in India.

Sony, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Reader’s Digest and Samsung Camera are among the big brands that run on WordPress powered websites. We wanted to look at popular WordPress website in India to show how WordPress can scale and power high traffic websites.

In India, WordPress as a CMS (47 percent) is nearly 12 times more popular than Drupal (4 percent) as of 2015 according to GoDaddy

Alexa.com provides a list of top 500 websites for countries around the world. We scanned this entire list to shortlist only those websites that run WordPress. We inspected each website and looked for wordpress elements. We also took help of Buildwith.com to verify the same.

Interesting Insights from stats of these top WordPress websites in India:

  • 13 Websites had a loading time of < 3 secs. Ap.Gov.in was the fastest with 0.857
  • 13 od the 25 Websites have bounce rate lower than 50%: Bookmyshow.com at 14%, Ap.Gov.in at 20.3% and Yatra at 28.4%
  • Maximum time spent on the website: Rummycircle.com at 13:36 minutes and Ap.Gov.in at 12:01
  • Indian Express tops the list with a rank of 49
  • Top 3 ranked sites in India are in the global top 1000
  • Rummycircle, Ap.Gov.in and Bookmyshow have the highest daily page views per visitor
  • #1 ranked Indian express has the slowest loading time of 9 secs

Note: These stats are based on Alexa ranking as updated on August 23, 2016. This ranking is dynamic and changes on a daily basis. Ap.Gov.in is a surprising entry here given how poor most government websites are. PMindia.gov.in also gets a mention on this list.

Here are the top-ranked WordPress websites in India:

1. Indianexpress.com

Indian Rank: 49

1 theindianexpress


Indian Express is one of the leading English daily in North India. The website provides a variety of news and presents it in a user friendly way. Unlike other newspaper websites, there are just a few ads on the webpage.

Global rank: 606
Bounce Rate: 66.80%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 1.98
Daily Time on Site: 2:41
Loading time: 9.021
Total Sites linking: 19,897

2. BookMyShow.com (blog)

Indian Rank: 53

bookmyshow blog


Bookmyshow is India’s biggest online movie and events ticketing brand. The website caters to ticket sales for movies, plays, concerts and sporting events from its online platform. It was launched in 2007, it is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Global rank: 611
Bounce Rate: 14.00%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 5.93
Daily Time on Site: 6:02
Loading time: 2.932
Total Sites linking: 2,776

3. India.com

Indian Rank: 74

2 india


Launched in 2011, India.com is one of the fastest growing internet companies in India. India.com has got important market positions in various key content categories. Zeenews.com, dnaindia.com, Bollywoodlife.com, Cricketcountry.com, OnCars.in, BGR.in, Prepsure.com, Careerfundas.com, TheHealthsite.com, Travel.india.com, Video.india.com make up India.com’s network of websites.

Global rank: 887
Bounce Rate: 60.30%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.11
Daily Time on Site: 3:16
Loading time: 8.628
Total Sites linking in: 13,865

4. firstpost.com

Indian Rank: 90

4 firstpost


Firstpost.com is an online news portal that provides the latest news and ideas around. Unbiased, as they say, it gives the fearless views and provides a perspective which reflects the changing dynamics of the country.

Global rank: 1,322
Bounce Rate: 68.20%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 1.6
Daily Time on Site: 3:59
Loading time: 2.505
Total Sites linking in: 11,139

5. Abplive.in

Indian Rank: 110
3 abpnews


Abplive.in is the website for ABP News. ABP news, formerly known as Star News, is a Hindi news channel from ABP News Network Pvt. Ltd. The website provides the live news and keeps the viewer up-to-date.

Global rank: 1,324
Bounce Rate: 44.70%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.77
Daily Time on Site: 4:52
Loading time: 2.966
Total Sites linking in: 1,884

6. freejobalert.com

Indian Rank: 118

5 freejobalert


FreeJobAlert.com provides information related to latest government and Bank jobs. It encompasses government as well as private IT jobs. The website is very helpful for the job aspirants and keeps one updated about the results and openings.

Global rank: 1,678
Bounce Rate: 35.00%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 3.69
Daily Time on Site: 4:19
Loading time: 2.555
Total Sites linking in: 2,494

7. bollywoodbubble.com

Indian Rank: 132

6 bollywoodbubble


Bollywood Bubble,a part of Digi Osmosis LLP., is the Leading Bollywood Entertainment News Portal in India. The content is available in the form of Latest News, Inside Stories and Gossips on Bollywood.

Global rank: 1,291
Bounce Rate: 42.70%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 4.15
Daily Time on Site: 4:11
Loading time: 4.296
Total Sites linking in: 4,569

8. Yatra.com(blog)

Indian Rank: 172

7 yatra


Launched in August 2006, Yatra.com is one of the leading provider of consumer-direct travel services in India. Over the years, it has won major awards at the India Tourism Awards like ‘Outstanding performance as a Domestic Tour Operator (Rest of India)’ and ‘Outstanding performance as an Inbound Tour Operator-Cat C’.

Global rank: 2,437
Bounce Rate: 28.40%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 4.05
Daily Time on Site: 5:52
Loading time: 3.501
Total Sites linking in: 2,158

9. Sportzwiki.com

Indian Rank: 211



Sportzwiki is one of the fastest growing sports website in India. It connects the reader with all the latest events and happenings in the world of sports with news and opinion based articles from various sports.

Global rank: 2,942
Bounce Rate: 57.00%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 3.56
Daily Time on Site: 4:48
Loading time: 6.614
Total Sites linking in: 974

10. Thestorypedia.com

Indian Rank: 256

15 thestorypedia


The storypedia is a website where one can find articles and stories covering interesting news and information from around the world. The website doesn’t focuses on a specific age group and provides updates of the most happening events in the recent times.

Global rank: 3,296
Bounce Rate: 46.10%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 3.93
Daily Time on Site: 4:29
Loading time: 4.286
Total Sites linking in: 834

11 Sportskeeda.com

Indian Rank: 264



India’s largest all-sports website having reports from more than 30 different sports. The main focus is on the indigenous sports in India. Detailed analysis and insights are provided to the readers.

Global rank: 3,235
Bounce Rate: 54.60%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 3.45
Daily Time on Site: 3:54
Loading time: 1.783
Total Sites linking in: 2,190

12. Ap.gov.in

Indian Rank: 267

9 ap.gov


It is the official web portal of the Andhra Pradesh Government, India. Being one of the few states that aspire for E-governance, the site is very informative and provides important links to other Organizations as well.

Global rank: 3,481
Bounce Rate: 20.30%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 7.37
Daily Time on Site: 12:01
Loading time: 0.857
Total Sites linking in: 2,083

13. Vcommission.com

Indian Rank: 275

10 vcomission


Vcommission is the leading Affiliate Network providing performance on mobile and web. Till date, they have 500 successful campaigns, 200 happy clients and 7 years of experience. Asian Paints, amazon.com, ebay, P&G and Flipkart are a few clients of Vcommission.

Global rank: 3,252
Bounce Rate: 43.50%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.32
Daily Time on Site: 3:46
Loading time: 3.521
Total Sites linking in: 2,360

14. Beingindian.com

Indian Rank: 276

12 beingindian


Beingindian is a one of India’s most popular and fastest growing YouTube channel. Beingindian.com is the websites that garners the content that is Indian to the core and has desi madness in it. Apart from the usual posts, users can submit their opinions about events of national interest.

Global rank: 2,686
Bounce Rate: 61.10%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.32
Daily Time on Site: 3:11
Loading time: 3.147
Total Sites linking in: 222

15. Promocodeclub.com

Indian Rank: 323

13 promocodeclub


Promocodeclub.com is a platform that provided a list of available promo codes for different e-commerce websites. It gives a list of option for type of e-commerce to choose from for the user, hence making the tedious task easy and convenient.

Global rank: 3,975
Bounce Rate: 43.30%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.66
Daily Time on Site: 2:20
Loading time: 2.125
Total Sites linking in: 871

16 Newstrend.in

Indian Rank: 328



It is a Hindi news portal that serves the need of readers who prefer Hindi over other languages. Covering all the topics, this website is a complete package.

Global rank: 6,457
Bounce Rate: 41.50%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.78
Daily Time on Site: 4:20
Loading time: 2.238
Total Sites linking in: 157

17 Ibps.in

Indian Rank: 343



The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an autonomous body which is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. It was created to provide assistance to organizations in the area of personnel such as recruitment, selection, placement, by designing and developing suitable measurement tools and tests, assessment of answer responses.

Global rank: 9,681
Bounce Rate: 43.50%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.49
Daily Time on Site: 2:21
Loading time: 0.873
Total Sites linking in: 3,347

18 Rummycircle.com

Indian Rank: 350



RummyCircle.com is an online rummy website which is owned and operated by Play Games24x7 Pvt. Ltd. It is a very popular online game in India.

Global rank: 6,226
Bounce Rate: 31.00%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 7.44
Daily Time on Site: 13:36
Loading time: 1.474
Total Sites linking in: 149

19. Yourstory.com

Indian Rank: 352

8 yourstory


Yourstory is the platform for entrepreneurs to come up and tell their stories to the world. It is one of the most popular website and has inspired a whole generation of startups. It has profiled stories of over 15,000 entrepreneurs and has provided opportunities to over 50,000 entrepreneurs via conferences and meet-ups.

Global rank: 2,885
Bounce Rate: 51.80%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.46
Daily Time on Site: 3:33
Loading time: 3.001
Total Sites linking in: 7,062

 20. Rajnikantvscidjokes.in

Indian Rank: 365

14 rajnikanthvscidjokes


The inception on Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes was by a facbook page in October 2010. After 4 years website was launched. As the name signifies, it is viral content based website which provide Indian viral and funny stories.

Global rank: 3,279
Bounce Rate: 61.50%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 1.94
Daily Time on Site: 3:42
Loading time: 3.269
Total Sites linking in: 372

21. Financialexpress.com

Indian Rank: 435

thefinancialexpress indian wordpress website


It is the website for Financial Express newspaper which is another daily from the Express Group. Financialexpress.com provides the reader with information of highest priority. The design is simple and with less ads looks professional.

Global rank: 5,106
Bounce Rate: 68.10%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 1.96
Daily Time on Site: 2:31
Loading time: 6.433
Total Sites linking in: 7,901

22. Aglasem.com

Indian Rank: 440


A student guidance portal where one can find all the answers related to studies and exams. The portal offers counselling and information related to entrance exams. The information provided are for students in general from 1st grad to post graduation level.

Global rank: 4,272
Bounce Rate: 57.00%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.05
Daily Time on Site: 2:12
Loading time: 2.871
Total Sites linking in: 573

23. Snoopfeed.com

Indian Rank: 441

downtownfeed wordpress website in india


Downtownfeed, alternate website url snoopfeed, provides snoops on topics varying from Bollywood, humor, sports and others. Image content driven website focuses on the interesting topics and provide a long list of posts on the home screen itself.

Global rank: 8,884
Bounce Rate: 31.70%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 4.15
Daily Time on Site: 3:51
Loading time: 1.846 41
Total Sites linking in: 41

24. Shoutmeloud.com

Indian Rank: 458

wordpress website in india shoutmeloud


Shoutmeloud.com is a blog for bloggers. Started in the year 2008, shoutmeloud has helped a number of bloggers with the information and motivation required to
have a blog. The content is crisp and informative.

Global rank: 3,770
Bounce Rate: 57.10%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 3.19
Daily Time on Site: 3:12
Loading time: 3.996
Total Sites linking in: 4,344

25. Storypick.com

Indian Rank: 493

storypick wordpress website in india


Storypick is a viral content website which is growing at a very fast rate. The popularity is increasing because of the good content quality. It covers the topics that people feel are very personal to them.

Global rank: 4,508
Bounce Rate: 68.60%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 1.65
Daily Time on Site: 3:09
Loading time: 2.673
Total Sites linking in: 915

Special Mention – pmindia.gov.in

pmindia.gov wordpress website in india


The website is designed, developed & hosted by National Informatics Centre with Prime Minister’s Office managing the content. The website is available in 9 Indian languages apart from English. Along with all the latest updates about PMO and the initiated programs, there is an option available to interact with PM. One can do so by sharing ideas, insights and thoughts, or by writing to PM.

Disclaimer- We might have missed out on some websites if they have managed to hide their WordPress identity. Are you aware of any such websites? Do let us know.

Here are some more interesting stats about WordPress:

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