There are many WordPress website types you can make for your own benefit. With the right combination of themes and plugins, you can build almost anything on WordPress. With WordPress, the sky’s the limit.

wordpress website typesIn This article, we will discuss what WordPress website types you can create with ease and which plugins/themes can help you. Also, Few examples of the already live websites for each WordPress website types. You can create almost any type of WordPress website with WordPress with minimum technical knowledge.

wordpress website typesList of  WordPress Website Types You Can Build

Blog or Personal Website: Since the last 12 years, WordPress has become more polished and sophisticated in terms of Personal Blogging and few tools could be found Here.

Example: Lorelle On WordPress

Business Website: WordPress allows you to quickly launch your own website for your business and look as much professional and fun as you want it to be.  It allows you to have a complete guide too.

Example: Vogue India

E-Commerce: One of the easiest solutions to build your own e-commerce website on the web is- WordPress. WooCommerce being one of the best Plugins for the same. Example: Cupcake Studio

Job-Board: Several popular sites like Smashing Magazine, Problogger etc use job boards as an extra source of income. There is a growing demand for niche job boards catering the needs of a specific industry or specialization. Some of the best themes and plugins for the same.  Example: WPMU Dev job board

Business Directory: WordPress’s business directory plugins help you to create a quick and easy business directory for your company.

Example: Startupweekend 

Social Networking Websites: BuddyPress is a plugin that lets you build WordPress-powered niche social network. You can find the plugin here.

Example- Solo Practice University

Online Discussion Forums:  Want to create a forum on your site to get people talking and interacting? All you have to do is add a plugin like BB Press, and you can get the conversation going in no time! Customize your categories and manage your users all from your WordPress dashboard.

Example- Angry Birds Nest

News/Magazines Websites : Pressroom is just one example of a news site theme, but there are tons of other news and magazine-style layouts available.

Example- Ugsmag

Questions And Answers Websites: WordPress also enables you to create your own Q&A Site like Quora and Yahoo answers. These sites help connect users who have queries and those who have solutions for them.

Example- Fordstory

Wiki Sites: If you’re interested in building a site like Wikipedia where users can all collaborate in wiki format, you’ve come to the right place. It’s really simple to get your WordPress wiki site started with themes like Flatbase.

Example- Creativeawards

Classified Add Websites: Plugins like Classipress will get you started in listing your classified ads. With it, you can sell the ad space and even set up membership packs. Example-

Example- Built With

Religious Websites : With WordPress plugins you can add donate form and raise money by accepting paypal donations. There are some great WordPress themes for churches and nonprofits.

Example- Wayneum

Portfolio Websites: Whether you’re a photographer, writer, architect, comedian, or web designer, there are thousands of themes that offer countless ways to display your portfolio. lists over 870 portfolio themes for WordPress.

Example- Work by Simon

Online Communities: bbPress is a popular forum plugin for WordPress. You can download bbPress here .

Example- The Rules

Coupon Website: With numerous coupon themes like Clipper, and additional plugins available at your disposal, you’ll easily find the tools you need to launch your coupon site.

Auction Websites: With WordPress, you can create a fully functional auction website. Users can bid online, make payments, and you get to earn by simply providing a platform for your niche industry.

Multilingual Websites: Many business owners are looking for platforms that can help in creating sites that are multilingual. This is essential for large businesses looking for tapping a global audience.

Podcasting Websites: Most of the podcasters today are using WordPress for building their websites due to its ease of work. One such theme used by them is this.

Niche Affiliate Websites: With WordPress, you can use an SEO plugin to increase your search engine rankings and draw more visitors to your website. There are many resources available for boosting traffic, including social media plugins. Recommended WordPress Themes For Niche Affiliate Website:

Super Ads

Wimple Pro

Photography/Gallery Websites: As with portfolio themes for WordPress, you will have a large variety of photography themes to choose from. These also focus on the images used on your website, instead of the content. One such WordPress Theme is-Pingraphy

Example- Poster Roast

School or College Websites: WordPress powers thousands of schools and college websites around the world. It is safe, secure, and easy to manage.

Example- Harward University

Membership Websites:  Membership 2 is a fully functional WordPress plugin that allows you to turn a WordPress site into a membership site. Another great alternative is MemberPress.

Example- Elma Studio.

Micro BloggingP2 is a theme for WordPress that transforms a mild-mannered blog into a super-blog with features like inline comments, a posting form right on the homepage, inline editing of posts and comments, real-time updates, and much more.

Build Review Website: Novelo is one of the best themes and popular ones which is used today a lot by Building Review Websites.

Reviews Websites: With post rating plugins, you can create a site where users can review and rate products. Free plugins like WP-PostRatings will get you started.

Example- Typographica

Static Website: You can create and publish some pages quickly and easy. If you want to know how to create a static front page read Creating a Static Front Page guide at

Amazon Affiliate Store: Kingdom is a premium unique theme built exclusively for the woocommerce amazon affiliates plugin. A theme that fits perfectly with our plugin, without using unnecessary features & functions that other sophisticated themes might have.

wordpress website types

Wedding Website:You can also build beautiful wedding websites with WordPress as well. There are many free and premium tools and WordPress wedding themes available to build wedding websites quickly and easily with WordPress. You can find 50+ wedding themes at themeforest.

Example- Jess Marks Photography

Real Estate Websites: If you need a website for real estate, there are many plugins and themes available to build real estate websites with WordPress. Some of the most popular and best real estate WordPress plugins.

Sell Online Courses: There are so many popular websites and individual developer and author who sell online courses and eBooks. You can create a website with WordPress to sell your own online courses.

Example- Web Courses Bangkok

Online Box Office WebsiteBooking System Pro is one example of a premium WordPress plugin that makes the booking online easy.

Content Curation, Aggregation, Auto Blogging: There are many free WordPress Content curation plugin available.





WP Pipes

WP RSS Aggregator

are few very popular free plugins for content curation and auto blogging.

Online Exams: Today holding online exams is also a possibility on WordPress with WATU Pro.

Music Websites: With Musaic you can have a music based website on WordPress where you can showcase your music or even others’ with respective playlists.

Example-  Spotify

Hotels/ Resturants Websites: Restaurants today are doing well and getting popular amongst the crowds. Thus, taking bookings, having forums, showcasing work, business, etc, does help them in a lot of cases. Thus, a WordPress website is just the right thing they need.

Example- Circa

Online Super Markets: Selling household items, like vegetables & fruits, are also a part of WordPress websites types with this theme.

Online Fashion Boutiques: You have a personal boutique and you are doing well? The Boutique is just the perfect theme for you to do well. Take orders, make payments etc.

Gym & Fitness Websites: Keeping in mind the business your gym/fitness club is making or wants to make you can have a brilliant WordPress website for the same using Yoga Fit theme.

Legal Journalism Websites: Legal journalism is that form of journalism where the people are directly involved in the legal practices for themselves and try to find solutions according to tho their knowledge and shared.

One such example of a live website is Bar & Bench

Design Agencies: Since WordPress gives us the option of beautifying and making our websites look attractive with the different types of themes and plugins available, design agencies would love to use WordPress for this very reason.

Example- Krispkrush

Diagnostic/Medical Centres: With Medicare you can have a very responsive and easy to use the website or your diagnostic/medical centers.

Customer Feedback Sites: Themes like Ideas are great for gathering customer suggestions and responding to their ideas. Otherwise, try something like the Support Desk theme to start collecting support tickets.

Example- Iron to Iron

Online Consulting Sites: Online consulting websites are growing due to the less time-consuming ability and the need of consultancy growing around.

Example- Healogix

Crowdfunding WebsitesIgnitiondeck is an all-in-one solution for building crowdfunding sites on top of WordPress website types.

Example- StartaCure

Recommendation Engines: If you’re looking to configure a Netflix and Amazon Style recommendation engine for your e-commerce store powered by Woocommerce, you can purchase and install one of the plugins listed here.

Example- Web App Meister

Family Blogs: WordPress is perfect to create small family websites. Create beautiful wedding websites, upload family photos or add family gossip. WordPress can provide endless fun for all members of family age 10 and up. See the list of best WordPress themes for family blogs.

Beauty Salons: Taking bookings, issuing rate cards, releasing coupons all of this can be done online through the websites by the beauty salons now also one the WordPress website types.

Example: Thesalonhair

Articles Directory: WordPress allows you to have users register and submit content from the front end of your site. Themes like the Article Directory theme will help get you started.

Start A Classified Sites: Starting your own classifieds ads on the WordPress website types like one being this theme of car classifieds.

Local Business Directories: Local business directories are also now one of the different WordPress website types due to its multifunctional nature and themes.

Example- This Is Your Kingdom

Appointment Websites: Doctor appointments can also now be taken on WordPress Website types with one such theme being CLINIX.

Travel Websites: If you are looking to create a travel portal or have a hotel that requires bookings to be done online, then WordPress makes it really easy.

Example- Travel Portland

NGO websites: Different WordPress website types help you in taking charity, promoting causes & awareness etc are some of the things which the NGOs today wish to do at a global level and want to excel. Due to this, they find WordPress the cheapest and the easiest to use.

Example- Immigration Equality

Broadcasting Websites: Buzz is one of those themes which help the broadcasters not only broadcast their news but also gives the options of tweets and latest widgets.

Mobile Application Websites: Each mobile applications today have their own websites for daily updates, in-app purchases, etc. This helps them to reach a much wider audience.

Example- Platinumgames

The above WordPress Website Types are again just a few to a number. The choice is yours and you can do anything under the Sun. These are just a few inspirations to let you know the scope of WordPress. So do not Underestimate WordPress,and go try it Today.

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