Discover untapped potential for your business with a marketing audit

Why do you need a Marketing Strategy Audit?

Optimised resources & budgets

Know exactly what you need, what you can let go of & what you can improve. In the process, save costs & optimise budgets for maximum ROI.

Team alignment

Bring your entire team on the same page so working together on shared goals is a breeze. No more misaligned expectations, doubling up on work or details falling through the cracks.

Identify opportunities

A marketing audit gives you a bird’s eye view of your efforts so it’s easier to track new & previously untapped opportunities.

How does a Marketing Audit work?

Identify Goals

Map out goals for different domains like SEO, email, social etc. and create measurable targets. Don’t forget to be realistic.

Review marketing inventory

Get all your marketing collaterals in one place and label them based on the metrics you want to track.

Choose tangible metrics

To have measurable goals, choose the right metrics. Relevant ones will help you determine: brand awareness, brand loyalty, share of voice & lead conversion rate among others.

Analyze current environment

Compare goals with the current situation, ask questions, look for gaps & opportunities, look at previous reports & build a system to cover everything.


To see where you stand in the market, benchmark your findings against the industry standards & competition.

Prepare a report with an action plan

A good report is the one that has actionable, data-driven insights, realistic timelines complete with short & long-term goals.

Here’s what you get with the Pixelmattic Marketing Audit

More clarity & efficiency towards your marketing budget.
Resolution to current & potential bottlenecks stunting your growth.
Expert guidance on crafting & implementing a personalized marketing & content strategy.
Smooth management with a dedicated project/account manager sharing updates regularly.
A detailed analysis of your current marketing plans complete with competitor & audience research.

The ABCs of a Marketing Audit

Checkout this blog post to know in-depth about marketing strategy audits


How long does a Marketing audit take?

A marketing Audit can take 2 weeks on average, but it also depends on the scope and depth of the audit.

Who should conduct a marketing audit?

Tools give data, marketing experts can unearth the insights. A marketing audit should be conducted by a team that comprises of a technical person, SEO, marketing professional and a designer for a comprehensive analysis.

What is involved in a marketing audit?

A marketing audit can be divided into a macro-environment audit and a micro-environment audit.
A macro-environment audit involves factors outside your business such as:

  • Your customers
  • Your competitors
  • Industry trends
  • Other influencing factors such as industry bodies, governments, etc

A micro-environment audit involves factors within your business such as:

  • Marketing strategies and goals
  • Brand Assets
  • Tools and resources at hand
  • You can read more¬†here.

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