The best WordPress Page builders enable you to build professional and stylish websites without writing much code. Drag and drop page builders, as the name implies, enable you to create web pages by using a drag & drop interface. These web page builders for WordPress are available in the form of extensions (plugins) and thus, can be used with any WordPress theme. These plugins are practically supported by every WP theme.

Why Use The Best WordPress Page Builders To Build Web Pages?

Though many WordPress themes come with diverse and many page layouts, you would often find them difficult to use. It involves customization since you do not know anything about web programming and development.  Drag & Drop page builders come in the form of plugins for WordPresss. The best WordPress page builders require only a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. From adding a content slider to full-width images to multiple rows or columns, they come with numerous features to help you create impressive and professional web pages. WordPress being such a thriving ecosystem, numerous drag and drop page builders are available. We decided to compare the two best WordPress page builders to help you make the right decision.

Let’s Get Started With Comparing The Best WordPress Page Builders Here! 

Visual Composer

best wordpress page buildersOverview

Visual Composer happens to be the finest WordPress page builders plugin driving 400,000 sites & 100+ add-ons available on WP Bakery. Just like the name suggests, it helps in content construction with a fairly easy to understand interface. A load of features plus some drag-and-drop options for aligning the elements on your page makes your job easy. Visual Composer also doesn’t have much of a learning curve, compared to building a website from scratch. With good documentation, it has an edge over others in the battle for the best WordPress Page Builders. You can add new elements to a page by clicking the plus(+) button and then picking what you need from a wizard. Here is a video that gives you a quick introduction to Visual Composer.

Main features

  • Works with existing posts and pages.
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes.
  • Responsive and mobile-ready layouts.
  • 60+ predefined layouts built-in.
  • SEO-friendly.
  • Compatible with qTranslate, mqTranslate, and WPML.
  • Visual Composer offers you with the options for both back-end and front-end editing.
  • It comes with over 40+ elements like Text Block, Row, Separator, Text Separator, Message Box, Facebook Like, Google+, Pinterest, FAQ, Single Image, Image Gallery, etc., that can be used for designing the different kinds of pages for a website.
  • It offers with different default templates that can be used easily used.
best wordpress page builders



  • $34 (Regular Price)


  • Creating rows and columns are a little bit more manual in comparison to MotoPress Content Editor tool. Therefore, for some users, this might be an advantage.
  • It uses shortcodes. If you uninstall the plugin, the page layout will break.

Ease of use

Since there are so many options and elements that are proposed by Visual Composer so it is good to know the options in the beginning and then continue further. Initially, a person with less technical knowledge will find it very hard to use it. It also has documentations and tutorials for practicing this plugin, which is one of the best WordPress Page Builders.

Get Visual Composer if you

  • Need to utilize a module that has been tried by countless clients and has awesome surveys all through the web,
  • Need something that permits you to alter your substance both in the administrator and toward the front (while previewing your live site),
  • Need to utilize the module with your current WordPress subject.





Divi has been utilized by numerous of web designers in recent years. It was developed by Elegant Themes as part of its popular Divi Theme in 2013. Its reputation has grown since its launch making it one of the best WordPress Page Builders. This plugin incorporates estimating tables, post sliders, and email select in structures.


  • It allows to use the pre-defined layout and even allows to create your own layout.
  • There are about 30 modules and 20 different column layouts that are offered by Divi. Some of the modules are Accordion, Audio, Bar Counters, Blog, Blurb, Call To Action, Circle Counter, Code, Contact Form, Divider, Email Option, Login, Map, Number Counter, Portfolio, Post Title, Pricing Tables, Shop, Testimonial, Text, Video, Video Slider.
  • It allows representing the content in a beautiful way though you are not a developer or a person with less technical knowledge.
  • There can be different roles that can be set in order use the module that you want to use
  • It also provides with a very good user experience and you require very less time to become familiar with it.
divi, best wordpress page builders



By paying $89, you get complete access to all the themes and get the Divi Page Builder along with Divi Theme.


  • The page builder provides only  back-end editing functionality.
  • It does not provide with some of the features that others do.
  • $89 subscription plan is essentially for developers.

Ease of Use

Though there are different options and modules that are available with the Divi Page Builder but it requires some time to get familiar with it same as Visual Composer. For the benefit of the users, Divi Also provides with demo videos.

Get Divi if you

  • Need a Plugin for forever to help you with designing the page layouts.
  • Need to change into a new theme now.
  • If you need to spruce up your page with complex layouts and elements with ease.


Comparison Between Divi & Visual Composer

  • Specific features of Divi vs Visual Composer

Divi customizes page manufacturer permits you to include custom CSS. You can add custom CSS to certain parts of the page and give your pages a touch of customization. This component does not restrain the originators from outlining the page just by relocating the components and modules. Custom CSS highlight offers WordPress architects a chance to modify singular parts as per their necessities.

Then again, Visual Composer accompanies more than 50 additional items, which implies you can expand the usefulness of the page developer by including extra components. Despite the fact that these extra components get minimal costly and add to the expectation to absorb information, they are justified regardless of the cost on the off chance that you truly choose to utilize Visual Composer to assemble your site pages and posts. Now this just tells us how neck to neck is the fight between the two best WordPress Page Builders.

  • Divi / Visual Composer Cost

Divi Drag and Drop Page manufacturer will cost you $69 per annum and $249 for lifetime access. Taking a gander at all the choices, modules, and components it offers, the cost is great – think about all the time you’ll spare attempting to manufacture WordPress pages the way you would have needed to. It’s a piece of a membership bundle. It’s pointed more towards engineers. Visual Composer, then again, can be purchased as a module. It’s a piece of a membership bundle. It’s pointed more towards designers

Visual Composer Drag and Drop Page Builder will cost you just $34, on of  the best WordPress Page Builders. Indeed, this is really an extraordinary cost for a stunning page developer. Be that as it may, subsequent to Visual Composer accompanies extra elements, you may need to pay an additional expense for the additional usefulness. This again relies on upon your utilization and prerequisite. When you begin utilizing Visual Composer, you may locate these extra elements entirely helpful. Visual Composer, then again, can be purchased as a module.


An Interview with Karan Sachdev, Founder Pixelmattic about Visual Composer: 

1.    How was it when you first used Visual Composer?

I started using it right about after its initial releases. It was refreshing as it made creating layouts super easy. It had all the common elements like rows, columns, image, text, sliders etc

2.    How has the experience enhanced since then?

It’s come a long way with regular updates. It’s definitely one of the most used Visual drag and drop builder around. They have added a lot more elements and options to the builder. experience wise I feel it’s become a little heavy which results in a slower page load times on both backend and frontend.

3.    How much of an effort goes into using it?

For simple stuff, you can start right away. But as you start doing complex layouts I would say the time taken is as much as a developer would take to code the same layout and in some cases, even more, especially when there might be a bug and somethings don’t work as expected.
4.    How much of a website development knowledge/education is needed for using this plugin?

For basic layouts not much but more slightly more customized its definitely better to know the basics of HTML and CSS.
5.    What are the issues faced by you wrt the following:
a.    Working

Slow load times in the backend. Sometimes page refreshes take more time which also depends on the hosting but a heavy plugin like this doesn’t make life easier wrt to load times.
b.    Features

Great. Has pretty much everything you need. Can make a lot of complex layouts. They also allow extending the functionality so that developers can add more custom elements to it. Comes in handy when you are making a custom theme and in need of an element which will be re-used often.
c.    Time

Again for simple layouts its fast but more complex stuff it will end up taking the same time as it would to code and in some cases more.

An Interview with Snehalata, Junior WordPress Developers, Pixelmattic about DIVI: 

1.    How was it when you first used Visual Composer?

At first, I thought it was difficult but when started I felt that is the best way to build any website in better, simple and clean way.

2.    How has the experience enhanced since then?

I got better day by day and now I can make a better and responsive website in a very little time.

3.    How much of an effort goes into using it?

All you need to have is WordPress on your system and Divi builder installed and you are good to go ….and you need a little knowledge of CSS to style your web page.

4.    How much of a website development knowledge/education is needed for using this plugin?

Any person who can understand English can use this plugin..its very simple to use and there is a clear documentation given for this plugin which will help any person to understand  everything.
5.    What are the issues faced by you wrt the following:
a.    Working

I didn’t feel that the working was difficult ……since it can easily understood by any user who is using it ….all you need to do is work on the design and build your site using the Divi modules ….they have tried to cover up most of the commonly used features so that the user can go easy around the plugin. 
b.    Features

Divi builder has many features which help reduce the use of other plugins …since Divi builder already has many of the features implemented like slider , accordion, and many such features ….all these things help a developer to easily build his site …but the main disadvantage is ..since the user is using the builder there are chances that the owner of the product going out of business or suddenly discontinuing it ..which then makes its very risk

c.    Time

Easily to build ….if we don’t use this plugin and try manually building a website using Html, CSS, just then it would be a long and sometimes tire  and hectic job too….this makes it simple and easy.


Above are just two of The Best WordPress Page Builders across the globe according to us. There can be the scope of more page builders like these and you can always write back to us or comment below if you want to know more about WordPress Plugins.

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