Everyday, tons of new content is published online, each blog trying to out-rank its competition. Your content strategy must be able to cut through all the noise, using smart marketing tactics.

Content marketing tactics requires consistency in your efforts, with regular writing, publishing of your content, and research into the latest content writing practices. A successful content marketing strategy will make you reach out to your ideal customers and will get you recognised amongst the vast number of brands.

Keeping yourself updated about new writing practices, studies and platforms is essential to understand what audience you can target, and the reach of your promotional activities.

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So here are some Popular Content Marketing Tactics that would help you with your content marketing plans!

1. Realistic Goals and Expectation

After studying the number of your subscribers\followers, and amount of regular audience interaction on social media platforms and blog, set realistic goals as part of your content marketing tactics.

For blogs and social media platforms, create an excel sheet of all the potential topics you can write about for the following month, and transfer data onto Trello to assign assign cards for each finalised topic.

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You need to be consistent with your writing practices, in that, you must have a schedule of topics decided early on, and the content must be published at regular intervals. Fresh content means that Google spiders will crawl your content and rank it higher in its search results. New content on social media would make people enjoy your refreshing input daily.

2. Audience- Identifying and Engaging

Identifying your Audience

Creation of a buyer persona is essential for curating content for your audience. This is a generalised representation of your customer base, to make your content relevant to them. Through a persona, you will be able to create a detailed description of the target community member, as customer behaviour, goals, and demographics is stated in detail.

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You can download templates online so that you are easily able to do persona research and compile it in an organized manner. You can download a persona template from Hubspot here.

Before engaging with your audience, you should do some preliminary research using Google Trends and Google AdWords Keyword Planner to know which keyword is largely popular over a period of time. This way, you will have an idea about what topics you should write about in your blog or social media. The key is to effectively base content on the audience’s likes.

You can also segment your audience on the basis of age, gender, industry type, organization type, persono, education level and so on, for carrying out email marketing. After segmenting your email list, you can target tailormade content to the seperate segments, so that the content remains relevant to their taste.

Each segment will have a different buying capacity, and you can customise your newsletters and promotional messages to different customers. For example, if a potential customer is looking at your landing page and has viewed the pricing of your item\service, then sending a promotional email to that person would be beneficial in convincing him\her to initiate the purchase process. The same email would go unnoticed, if sent to a person who is not aware of your brand or business.

You can also use the tool Socialmention, which compiles all mentions of a particular topic, online, be it on microblogs, blogs, bookmarks, making it a real-time social media search platform.

The tool Buzzsumo is a content database which also shows you a compiled list of all mentions of  a particular topic on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ . After clicking on ‘View Shares’ you can view the list of people who have shared the blogpost\article, giving you an opportunity to target this set of people with your content.

Using the tool you can search trending topics in a variety of subjects like news, sports, entertainment, tech, business and so on.

To understand your customer base better on Twitter, you can use Followerwonk, a Twitter analytics tool which helps you analyse your followers on the basis of name, location, timing of tweets, follower count and more. Sorting out your followers will help you identify potential influencers in your network.

Engaging with your Audience

On LinkedIn and Facebook, you can become a member of groups that your target audience is a part of. This gives you possibility to understand the relevance of your content, and will also give you an idea about trending topics. You can join in discussions and give your feedback too.

Q&A website such as Quora lets you join in on discussions, and allows you to follow people, topics and questions. Yahoo Answers is another website where you can engage in discussions, as communicating with your targeted audience should not always be about promoting your content.

2. Influencer Marketing

When you target your content towards influential people, rather than your audience as a whole, it is called Influencer Marketing. Through this form of marketing, you can identify people who can have an impact on potential buyers.

The influencer content might be in the form of testimonial advertising, where the influencers take on the role of third parties or as the buyer themselves.

Companies big and small want to invest in influencer marketing as their content will get a targeted exposure to the consumer base that is all-ears to the item\service being sold.

For example, an influencer on Instagram, who is passionate about women’s clothing fashion, would have followers who also share the same excitements about attires, fashion accessories and all things vogue. Targeting content towards this influencer would be beneficial to businesses that are selling formal and casual fashion attires for women. The influencer can mention the brand in posts, catching attention of his\her followers, who are the ideal customer base for the women’s apparel business.

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You can get in contact with influencers by writing them an email asking them to give their comments on your content and to encourage them to share it, or you can get in touch with them via businesses who act as middlemen between influencers and brands, to aid influencer management.

You may also connect with them directly on social media, mentioning them in your posts to ask them about feedback and opinions.

You can also search and filter influencers on Buzzsumo, before engaging\collaborating with them. Using the ‘View Sharers’ feature, you can see essential information about the top sharers, such as the number of followers they have and how much authority their website has.

3. Guest Contribution

 You can attract people to your website by guest posting for people for their online publications. Your guest blog should be heavily researched, and should be of a good quality, so as to attract readers.

Before you get on the journey of crafting your contribution, you must research which blogs you want to target, as the guest blog must be capable of getting your content in front of a fresh new audience, to increase chances of social sharing.

Reading and abiding the guidelines is a must, and the content must be tailormade for the audience of the blog you are writing for. The content must be filled with factual content about a certain topic, and must match the writing style of the blog.

Your guest blogpost must be aimed to address the concerns of the audience and to help them. Also, try to submit original content, with blogging guidelines being adhered to.

Using Followerwonk, you can discover and connect with influencers, as it allows you to search keywords in Twitter bios, and find individuals who have good reach and authority.

Through guest posting, you can also make use of backlinks that direct readers towards your website from a different blog. Backlinks are important because Google gives extra credit to websites that have a large number of backlinks and considers them to be more relevant to user search queries. Through guest contribution, you not only get a fresh audience, but also get an opportunity to rank higher on Google search results.

So, no matter which content marketing tactics you use, be creative, original and make sure to produce good quality content.

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