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The Influence Of Color On Your Consumers

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The influence of color is the most important marketing tool. It accounts to 85% of the reason why someone will pick a product or click on a particular button online.

People can see from 1 to 10 million colors that leaves a wide range of opportunities to style and color your products or your websites. But each person has a different liking to different colors. Hence, we have to understand how the influence of color affects separate people.

The psychology behind choosing a particular color and mostly it is because people associate colors with meanings. Choosing the right color can impact your business sales by a huge amount. Talking on similar lines choosing the right colors for your website will also directly affect your conversion rates.

influence of colour

By: WebFX

Choosing colors based on your industry:

You communicate to your audience and tell them about your brand image through colors. The colors such as red are associated with vividness and youthfulness and hence the brand Coca-Col is in red.

For example:

  • Yellow, means optimism, warmth, Companies such as Nikon, subway, Best Buy have yellow in their logos.
  • Blue, stands for dependability and trust, most Banking organizations have adopted the color blue.
  • Green means peaceful and growth, Animal planet, Tropicana, Starbucks coffee, have incorporated these colors.

Hence, the kind of product/service you are offering and the kind of people you want to target a direct relationship to the colors you choose.

WebFx in their infographic  have shown how colors and brands are connected.

The influence of color on your readers:

  • 90% of snap judgment happens based on the color alone.
  • Whether it is the brand or a service, the color has a direct relation to the kind of feedback you receive. Studies have shown that men like bright colors, whereas women go for softer shades.
  • Depending on your target audience, their personality and age, the colors you choose for your brand/website will also vary.
Research studies that show how color influences our decision making in general and then specifically purchase decisions:

influence of color

image by Kissmetrics

Creating great personas of your customer base will help your business in a new dimension. Having said that, these personas will have a particular set of color favourites. When you have made your target audience the color that will most likely appeal to them can also be narrowed down

In general women like softer colors and men prefer bright colors. Taking into account the gender, age, personality, profession, and more such features of a person can directly influence the type of color they would choose. Whether you are planning on creating a website or need to revamp an existing one, selecting the right colors can help boost your conversion rates.

Ask yourself, would you invest on an item that is of your favourite color even if it is slightly more expensive than other colors? If that was a yes, then color has influenced your buying process.

How do e-commerce stores use colors?

E-commerce websites such as amazon or Flipkart need to optimize every aspect to drive higher sales through their site.

Apart from choosing your primary and secondary colors for the website, you need to choose an ‘isolation’ color to stand out. Dell uses green as the isolation color in places for the lead visitors. Here’s more on how to choose colors for your e-commerce site.

From the post Using Color Psychology To Increase Your eCommerce Sales a few points while designing an eCommerce website, in particular, can be:

  • For female customers stick to blue, purple and green
  • For the male customers choose blue, green, and black
  • Black can symbolise power and is associated with luxurious items
  • Yellow is a color that depicts cheer and mostly can be a call-to-action button
  •  Orange is used for positive excitement, for example, amazon uses orange for their ‘limited offer’ items.
How can colors help in lead conversion on your website:

Picking colors for your website!

  1. Let the colors define your PURPOSE. Why are you creating this website? Whether product/ service, choose a color that will suit the emotions of your visitor.
  2. Make sure the colors sync with your existing BUSINESS BRAND/LOGO.
  3. The stock photos and graphics you want on your website should also match the color palette you will be choosing.
Here’re a few guidelines to define your color goals:

influence of colour

Having fewer colors on your website is a better choice. It feels easier to read on such a site. Combine your brand color with another that perfectly complements it.

The content should have a good color contrast. Not something that would oppose your brand color but go with it. Do not use your brand logo colors on everything on your website. It works well with boxes, menus, links.

Let your landing pages have vibrant and bright colored call to action buttons that stand out from everything else.

Conversions on website happen with the right colors that are placed at the perfect spots on the site. Keeping the visitors engaged. The placement along with right content can boost page visits to your website.


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