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Top Online Payment Gateways For WordPress

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Without having electronic transactions how will your business grow or survive? With online shopping and e-commerce booming at such a high rate, it only seems obvious to choose the best platform for your website. The meet the demand of quick and hassle free transaction process has led to the development of many online payment gateways for wordpress websites.

There are many options to online payment gateways for wordpress. Your needs and exact requirements may differ from your counterpart. You will need to choose the right type of payment gateway.

WordPress has a lot of options when it comes to plugins for these online payment gateways. The type of gateway depends on your kind of business and it’s requirements.

What are your requirements?

  1. Whether the option should be available in many countries
  2. What kind of cards do you accept for the transaction
  3. The customers are required to fill a form on the website, or will they be directed elsewhere.
  4. Is there a transaction fee that is going to be charged?


Once you have chosen the plugin you can configure the options by yourself or use the help of an expert.

How do you make implementing online payment  gateways for WordPress easier?

  1. Keep the design of your checkout page as enticing as the rest of your website. Do not drop the beat at the end and get the visitors  to a dull page. But also do not keep any distractions on this page.
  2. The call to action must be clear for you customers.
  3. Do not keep payments that require your customers to create an account. No one wants to make a lot of accounts to remember. So on the payment page do away with the sign up.(if possible)
  4. The fields required for them to fill should be kept at the minimum.

Here are 9 ways to make the payment process easy for online customers.

E-commerce plugins:

They have many functionalities to help with commerce for you website. They provide great shipping modules, secure payments, tax management, intelligent reporting, automated marketing, just to name a few.

  1. Shopp
  2. WP E-Commerce
  3. WooCommerce
  4. Cart66
  5. Ecwid
  6. eShop

Here are the most commonly used Online Payment Gateways:

  1. GoEmerchant Gateway: Great for small businesses and is cost-effective.
  2. Stripe: This does not require a merchant account. Moreover, you can make custom payment forms.
  3. Authorize.Net: One of the oldest and most widely used payment option with over $88 billion annual transactions.
  4. Innovative WooCommerce Payment Gateway: Comes with a fraud-protected payment processing system.
  5. 2Checkout Direct payment gateway: The most commonly used platform that supports 26 currencies and 15 languages.
  6. Google Wallet: You can shop online and pay by using your google wallet. Or you can easily sell your products using the same. It can be easily integrated into mobile phones and all google websites.

Indian Payment Gateway options:

PayU Paisa:

PayU Paisa - online payment gateways for WordPress

This gateway has great security and instant refunds. Get 1% extra discount and also reward points every time you use PayU.

CCAvenue Payment Gateway:

CCAvenue - online payment gateways for WordPress

They have 200+ payment options, with multiple currency processing. It has smart dynamic routing and great marketing tools.


Paytm Gateway - online payment gateways for WordPress


Known to have the highest rate of payment gateway transactions. India’s largest digital wallet with amazing user experience.


Instamojo - online payment gateways for WordPress

Easy to create an online store, collect money using a username, easy placement of payment buttons.


EBS - online payment gateways for WordPress


It has 100+ payment options, retry option, and a smart router. It has claimed to have the fastest go to market providing a very convenient platform for your customers.



Do you need help with integrating a payment gateway?