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When creating a viable virtual shopping destination, reaching out to and retaining that vast ocean of online shoppers boils down to creating a relevant, exciting and as seamless an e-commerce experience as possible.

We offer a range of WordPress eCommerce options for you to choose from and we’re there with you, every step of the way, planning, designing, developing and maintaining your customized e-commerce portal.

We also implement product management, inventory control with suitable shopping carts, payment gateways and order processing with a straightforward call to action.

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With WordPress eCommerce, some of the features your website would be equipped with are:

WordPress Benefits

All the phenomenal benefits of a WordPress website – mobile friendly design, easy content editing and a plethora of plugins for extending the functionality.

Shipping rules

Add your own shipping rules and configure your local taxes easily.

Payment Gateway Options

Multiple options for accepting online payments. We will help you integrate the right payment gateway for your business, configure and test it, before going live.


Access sales and inventory reports right from your WordPress dashboard. Add discounts and other promotional options to your shopping cart using out of the box features and add-ons.


Stay secure with our hassle free security and get your WordPress website to stay in shape with superior maintenance with our AMCs.

(We offer priority support, lower hourly rates, auto updates and many other benefits to our AMC customers.)

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