Great Video Editing Tools For A Video Blogger

Whether it’s a video editing application on a computer or a mobile app, there is a wide variety of options if you’re a vide0 blogger. It isn’t just about shooting the video, the post processing can have a dramatic effect on the final content.

How WordPress For Video Bloggers Can Be A Great Platform

Why you need a website if you’re a video blogger? A great for beginners or advanced users to help edit the video for different sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Flickr and more. They have more customization properties such as changing the colour and setting the video to autoplay.

Why Information Architecture Audit For Your Site Is Important?

Information architecture deals with structurally organising your website content so as to help visitors complete their tasks easily and efficiently. A website is said to have poor information architecture if the visitor cannot find what he is looking for within seconds and is facing a lot of problems

What You Need To Know Before Working With Copywriters

Great content is a key feature for your web content. Copywriters are a great asset to your content strategy. You need to work in sync with each others style and find a common way to approach the project.

List Of The Best WordPress Plugins For Corporate Blog

There are great WordPress plugins you can add to your website to make it more functionally equipped. Some specific plugins you can add for a particular needs, such as for social shares, SEO, contact forms, optimising content, improve engagement and more.

The Influence Of Color On Your Consumers

The influence of color is the most important marketing tool. It accounts to why someone will pick a product or click on a particular button online. Having said that, these personas will have a particular set of color favourites. When you have made your target audience the color that will most likely appeal to them can also be narrowed down

5 Ways To Increase Online Lead Generation For Hotel Websites

As of this year, there has been a steady increase in the number of  hotel bookings done online than previously. 2014 had about 43% bookings in the US and 45% in the Europe all done online The Economist

Top Online Payment Gateways For WordPress

Without having electronic transactions how will your business grow or survive? With online shopping and e-commerce booming at such a high rate, it only seems obvious to choose the best platform for your website.

How To Improve Your Corporate Blog Design?

What if you are a corporate website? You do not have to have a very mundane grey style to it. Some of the great corporate blogs are very attractive and create great first impressions. Corporate blog design is very important and must be done in a unique way to stand out.You have to create a long lasting impression for  your visitors to subscribe,

10 Best Hotel WordPress Themes For Your Business

Choosing hotel WordPress themes can be hard. Here is our curated list of the top 10 WordPress themes for your hospitality business. We looked at responsive themes which had some of the following features that would be useful for hospitality business website:

Choosing a WordPress theme? Will You Buy or Customise it?

While you are at your website development journey you would reach a stage where you’d have to select a theme for your website. WordPress offers a wide range of themes to choose from. But the confusion lies in whether to create a custom-designed theme to suit your business or to select one of the existing themes.

Why Employee Engagement Is Important For Corporate Blogging?

The employees are a vital part of your organization. So why not involve them in your content marketing journey? Get them more involved in the inbound marketing circle. Let’s discuss three aspects to employee engagement in corporate blogging – how to get your employees to read, contribute and share the corporate blog.