Gamification Can Help Improve Your Customer Loyalty!

Gamification is the use of the game design concepts in non-game environments to enhance user engagement. Games have been popular among the masses for centuries.

Here are 6 Ways to Improve Your Hotel Business Online

The hotel business industry, like any other business, must be competent in this digital age and ensure high engagement on their websites.

The hospitality business must be optimized for mobile search, have a marketing strategy, and keep the customer engagement at peak. They must also have great user experience for their websites and understand the hotel customer journey!.

Things You Need To Know About A One Page Website.

A one page website can be a great design idea for your business, but it depends on a lot of factors. No one can rule out a one page websites as having more cons than pros to it. It ultimately narrows down to the website content and usability.

Choosing The Best Platform For Your Corporate Blog

Why should a business have a blog?Well it is not somewhere you record your achievements and progresses in the business. But, it can be seen as a platform to inform potential clients on your competence. and, Which WordPress Website is better for you?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System. While was created, a number of people wanted an easy to use website, where they did not have to bother about backing up content, security, keeping the site updated or even hosting. That is when Matt Mullenweg created with all the above features built in.

Choosing WordPress Themes Based On Performance

The speed of a web page can immensely affect the business conversion rates. Greater speed confirms a better user experience and hence the conversion optimisation is higher.

Why A Dynamic Website Is Better For Your Business?

If you remember the websites from the 90’s, they were mostly static in nature. The web has evolved to a point where it can now be used as an operating system. Without going into the technicalities of what makes a website static and dynamic, we want to give you an idea of what purpose they each serve.

WordPress Security Ecosystem That Works To Keep Your Website Safe

The recent WordPress Security White Paper, published in March, is a must read for CMS decision makers for analysis and for the developers to familiarise with security best practices and components.

How Wireframing Can Help You Create A Better Website

Wireframing is the technique used to define your information architecture of the website, in the initial stages. It is a great way to plan the entire layout of the website and also define the details of each page.

10 Lead Generation Tips To Transform Your WordPress Website

Websites are generally thought of as a hygiene issue. Most people don’t think beyond that in terms of what it can do for their business. As a result, most websites are a carbon copy of sales & marketing brochures.

How To Shortlist WordPress Themes For Your Website

WordPress themes are aplenty. There are many marketplaces you can buy them from. The most popular of them all has over 5000 WordPress themes to choose from.

WordPress Security Update With 4.1.2 And Other Plugin Updates

WordPress version 4.2, named after jazz musician Bud Powell has been released to the public as of April 23rd, 2015. Following the above version update, WordPress 4.2.1 is now available, which is a critical security release for all previous versions. It is highly recommended that you update your sites immediately.