WordPress Translation Day And Its Impact On India

The global WordPress translation day was on the 12th of November 2016. This was an effort by the WordPress community in collaborating towards translating WordPress into many native languages.

Everything You Need To Know About A Payment Gateway Process...

After the ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 old notes, people are looking into using digital payment methods for their money transactions. Digital finance has a great potential to improve sales and business for Indian merchants and consumers

Top WordPress Maintenance Providers And Why You Need Them!

If a WordPress website is important to your business, directly or indirectly, then your most important need is most likely going to be peace of mind. While you concentrate on your business, you would want the website to run smoothly.

List Of Hosted e-Commerce Solutions In India!

In 2013, 41.3% of global internet users had purchased products online. In 2017, this figure is expected to grow to 46.4%. There are two options available for building an e-commerce website – one can either use managed (hosted) e-commerce solutions like

Quickest Setup Times Among Payment Gateway Integration Solutions In India

Time is a crucial aspect of any business. Like Benjamin Franklinonce said, “Time is Money”. Which is why today we are going to showcase the quickest Indian payment gateway integration options.

Microinteractions UX Design: The Small Things That Make A Huge...

Microinteractions UX design are a set of insignificant moments which are negligible on their own, but they add up to create huge impacts on the user’s mood and opinion. It’s likely that you started your day with a micro-interaction and you are most likely to continue to engage in these moments with your digital devices throughout the day.

Beautifully Designed Educational Website Designs That Capture Your Attention!

Remember going through college websites just before making a choice and trying to grab all the information possible? Am sure even you agree that the ones with great designs impressed you the most. And that stays valid even today. The design will always be the first aspect of any website that will capture your attention and keep it there. With relevance to this critical aspect,

Bengaluru WordPress Meetup – September 2016

WordPress security is often referred to as “hardening”, after all, the process is like adding reinforcements to your castle. It’s all about bolstering the gates and putting lookouts on every tower.

WordCamp Nashik 2016 – Best Tweets, Insights and Talks

WordCamp Nashik 2016 is Nashik’s first annual WordCamp, is an informal, volunteer-organized technology conference that focuses on everything related to WordPress, the free and open source publishing software that powers more than 75 million sites on the web.

List Of The Top 17 Payment Gateways For Mobile Apps!

Mobile shopping and making online payments is gaining ground as the technology advances. This mandates product and service vendors to offer mobile payment capability to their customers.

List Of 14 Cheapest Online Payment Gateways That Won’t Burn...

A payment gateway should be chosen according to the company’s long-term business goals and transaction volume. It’s even more important to study the

The Ultimate List Of 50 Co-Working Spaces in Bangalore

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, is also home the ever increasing number of start-ups. New entrepreneurs have accepted the trend of co-working spaces and are beginning to adapt to the culture of co-working where like-minded individuals can connect and exchange ideas.